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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Absurdity Of The ABSURD: “We Felt Very Strongly That We Could NOT Put Forces At Risk“…

By Kenny Youngblood
While I Have The Utmost Respect For Our Military And I Respect The Military Chain Of Command, I Too Was In The Service And I KNOW That WE Are A Team And That WE Would NEVER Sit By And Watch Our Brothers In Arms Die.

The Fact That A Former Military Officer Who Is Also A Former Director Of The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) And Currently Serving As The Secretary Of Defense, Mr. Leon Panetta Can Stand Before The American Public And State, “The Basic Principle Here, The Basic Principle Is, That You Don’t Deploy Forces Into Harms Way, Without Knowing What’s Going On, Without Having Some REAL TIME INFORMATION About What’s Taking Place And AS A Result Of NOT Having THAT KIND OF INFORMATION, The Commander Who Was On The Ground, Are (sic)… In That Area, General Hemp, General Dempsey And I, Felt Very Strongly That We Could NOT Put Forces At Risk.”

First, The Obvious For Those Of You Who Have Been Asleep. During The Recent Congressional Hearing On The Diplomatic Security In Libya, The Deputy Assistant Secretary Of State For The International Programs - Diplomatic Security Bureau, Mrs. Charlene Lamb Stated That The Benghazi Personnel At The Consulate, When The 9/11 Attack Began, Followed The Protocol Of The United States Embassy’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP) And The Live Audio Feed Was Activated And They Were And Could Continue To Be Heard, Throughout The Assault. Therefore, She And Others Could Hear What Was Happening, When It Was Happening. That Is Called Real Time Audible Information…

Second, The Official Reports Have Been Issued Stating That Not Only Was A Covert Drone Circling Overhead Of The Benghazi Consulate During The 9/11 Attack, It Was Sending Real Time Video And Even Recorded The Events Which Were Being Broadcast Live. That Is Called Real Time Visual Information…

NOW: For The Most Blatantly Obvious Reason That This Is Now A Complete And Total Cover Up, From The Top Down, Is Because No One Except The President Holds Such Power Over High Government Officials In Multiple Departments, Such As The Secretary Of State, The Secretary Of Defense And By Proxy The Department Of Defense.

I Know You Are Going To Say, It Is Not By Proxy Because The President Is The Commander In Chief, But The Truth Is, A True Solider Receiving A Political Order, Would Gladly Give Up His Career, Before He Would Give Up His Buddies’ Lives.

Just Look At The Contradicting Statements Given From, Immediately Following The Attack To The Present, From Each Of These Officials. It Was, It Wasn’t, No Proof But Now Proof, We Didn’t Know To Well We Personally Didn’t Know And Now The Most Damning Lie Of All Is Coming From Mr. Panetta.

We All Know That They Clearly Had Real Time Audio And Video But The Assertion That Without Having “That Kind Of Real Time Information About What’s Taking Place”, Three Great Military Minds Concluded, Very Strongly I Might Add, “That We Could NOT Put Forces At Risk“, Is Just Completely False And Absurd And Goes Against The Entire History Of Our Military‘s Reputation And Is Actually An Insult To Our Military And Should Be An Insult, And Scary As Hell To The Average American.

Have These Wise Military Minds Forgotten That Since The Inception Of Our Various Military Branches We Have Put Forces At Risk Or Gone Into Harms Way, Probably Well Above (90%)Ninety Percent Of The Time, Without Having “That Kind Of Real Time Information About What’s Taking Place“?

Have We All Of The Sudden Transitioned Into A Military That Is Paralyzed Without Having “That Kind Of Real Time Information About What’s Taking Place“?

When You Consider The Absolute Absurdity Of Secretary Panetta’s Comment, Then Consider This…

If We Have Our Loved Ones In The Military Along With All Other Fellow Americans, Who We Do Not Know Personally, If They Are In A Situation And Even If They Have A Drone Overhead And An Open Audio Transmission Back To Command And Those In Charge (According To Panetta) Now Need More Than That Kind Of Real Time Information About What’s Taking Place, Before They Can Send In Support Or Extraction Teams, Then Perhaps We Should Ask Them To Bring Our Loved Ones Back Home So They Don’t Have To Listen To And Watch Them Die…

See more of Kenny Youngblood here............ http://www.facebook.com/KEYCDY


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