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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mitt Romney Launching Four Day Bus Tour Ahead Of GOP 2012 Convention

By Jared Allebest
Conservative Samizdat

With the Mitt Romney campaign launching a "Mitt's VP app" and encouraging supporters to donate money to the campaign with the possibility of meeting the new VP, announcing a bus tour two weeks prior to the GOP convention in Tampa, Florida is adding more fuel to the fire of speculating who he will pick as his VP: 
But beginning August 10th, Romney will ramp up his campaign operation with a splashy four-day bus tour targeting the largest media markets in several of the states that will decide the November election, CNN has learned.
And in a show of force and party unity, Romney will be joined at each stop by prominent Republican officials and campaign surrogates.
Some details are still murky, and Republicans cautioned that they are subject to change, but on August 11th, Romney will hit three of Virginia's biggest population hubs - the Washington, D.C. metro area, Richmond and Norfolk - before heading down to North Carolina the following day.
On Aug. 13, the Monday after the Olympic Summer Games finish in London, Romney will arrive in Florida for campaign stops in Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami.
Romney aides are also scouting multiple campaign venues in Ohio for later that week, knowledgeable Republican sources told CNN. Other states may also be added to the itinerary that week.
"Sounds like V.P. week," said one Republican familiar with the schedule, who did not want to be identified revealing the campaign’s plans. “Hitting the big markets in the big states. It just makes sense.”
found some tiny additional details of the bus tour: 
A campaign aide could not immediately confirm what states Romney is expected to visit on the trip. According to CNN, the bus tour will take Romney to the Washington area as well as Richmond and Norfolk, Va., on Aug. 11. The next day, Romney is expected to hit the swing state of North Carolina, with the final leg of the tour expected to bring him to Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami, Fla., on the last day of the London Olympics.
While all of the details of the bus tour hasn't been released, you can be sure that people will try to figure out who the VP is based on the path of the tour bus. That's why the Romney campaign is keeping things under wraps and the details vague. 
Some people are speculating that Tim Pawlenty or Bob McDonnell based on the scant details that we do have. While those names have been mentioned as potential running mates for Mitt Romney, I don't think it will be either men.

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