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Monday, September 10, 2012

Thought Of The Day:

By Kenny Youngblood 
 Today I Want To Address Something That Should Be Relatable To Every American And Tomorrow It Will Be Even More Relevant Than Any Other Day Of The Year. 

As You Know Tomorrow Is The 9/11 Remembrance Day And While There Are Still Many Unanswered Questions And Many Theories And Opinions Of What “Really Happened” And Why, The Fact Is… Something Enormously Tragic And Devastating 

Not Just To New York Or Pennsylvania Or Washington D.C., But To The Whole United States Of America. Every Single American Was Effected, Some Directly And Other’s Indirectly.

In Association With This Remembrance, The Term Hero Will No Doubt Be Bandied About And Sometimes It Has Been Overused, Which Can Lessen Its’ True Meaning.

Many People Were Victims And Those People Who Did And Who Tried To, Help Those Victims, And It Doesn’t Matter If They Were Victims From Within The Devastation Or Civilians From Without Or If They Were The First Responders Doing What They Do And Risking Their Own Lives For Any And Everyone Else On Any Given Day, Well These All… They Are The Real Heroes.

However, Every Single One Of Those Who Were Injured Or Lost Their Lives, Heroes Or Not, They And Their Families, They Are All Victims.

Now Imagine If You Are One Of Those Family Members Or Friends Of Any Of Those Same Victims, How You May Feel If Some Stranger Stood Before You And Disrespected Your Loved One’s Memory. It Would Be No Different To You, Than If You Were At A Personal Funeral Or Burial Site Of Your Loved One’s And Saw A Complete Stranger Disrespecting That Same.

Unfortunately, Some People Have Been Completely Disrespectful At The Very Memorial Sites Of The Twin Towers And The Pennsylvania Crash Site And Even Towards The Pentagon Crash Site. 

The Very Places Where Those Surviving Victims And Friends And Families Of Those Lost Victims, Hold Sacred In Their Hearts, Because That Is Where Their Friends And Loved Ones Were Crushed And Burned Into No Longer Recognizable Human Remains And Many Had No Remains Recovered Of Those Same, To Allow Them A Little Bit Of Closure, In Laying Their Loved Ones To Rest Properly.

While It Is True These Memorials Stand For Any And All To See And Remember And Even Pay Their Respects If They So Desire, Even So, We Can Surely Keep Our Opinions And Arguments To Ourselves On This One Day, Because We Don’t Know Who Those Others Are That Are Listening Or Visiting And Walking All Around Us.

On This One Day And Every Other Day, Surely We Can Be Respectful Unto All Of These Same Sites And Unto All Other People Who May Be At These Same Sites. Surely It Is Not Too Much To Ask To Show The Same Level Of Respect That We Would Not Only Desire, But Demand At Our Own Loved One’s Funeral Or Burial Site.

I Know We Can Treat These Same Memorials That Stand For Any And All To See, As If They Are Our Own Loved One’s Head Stones Or Grave Sites, Because We Are AMERICANS And We Understand That Is Exactly What These Are To OUR Lost, Heroes And Victims Of September 11, 2001…

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