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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CNN Reporter asks Mitt Romney racist question

By Christopher Cook

First, just watch the video (below, or (at this link). Then see below.

If you don’t want to take a shower after hearing that reporter ask that question, then listen again.
First, the reporter reduces an entire population to its skin color. Patronizing and infantilizing.
Second, the reporter gives oxygen to the idea that people can only be represented by people of the same skin color. Racist. Racialist. An idea that was rejected a long, long time ago . . . or so we thought.
Third, the reporter defiles the entire notion of how America is supposed to operate: The president is supposed to represent everyone. Every elected official is. Yes, Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson were inveterate racists. But Lincoln wasn’t. Reagan wasn't.
Fourth, this is a vile attack on Mitt Romney, and an attempt to raise black Democrat voter enthusiasm, all rolled into one disgusting question. So, you’re a rich white dude—how can you represent anyone who isn’t a rich white dude? Look, black Democrat voters, LOOK! He’s WHITE!!! 
This is insulting to blacks. It’s insulting to whites. It’s insulting to Romney, and it’s insulting to America. It’s a disgusting attack—an intentional dog-whistle media ploy—that should get the reporter fired. But since he probably pre-planned the question ahead of time with higher-ups at CNN, firing seems unlikely.
Romney handled it fine. He took the safe route, and his response was decent and calm.
Me, I would not have taken the safe route. I would have stopped, looked right at the reporter, and said,
“Did you really just ask me that? No, wait, before you answer, let me ask you a different question. You’re white, right? So, how do you assure your black viewers that you represent them when you report the news? 

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