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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Is Wile E. Coyote A Liberal? Why The Latest “47%” Liberal Attack On Romney Will Backfire

By Mike Portillo


Extreme Left-Wing Website Mother Jones released clips of footage obtained at a May 2012 fundraiser for Mitt Romney In Boca Raton, Florida. The article included with the clips attempts to paint Mitt Romney as a cold, calloused, out of touch rich guy who doesn’t care about anyone but himself & the wealthy. We have heard this line all year long and it is rapidly becoming tired and ineffective.

First, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum tried to attack Romney for his time at Bain during the GOP primary. The issue quickly spread from the campaign trail to the debates and peaked when a SuperPAC supporting Gingrich released the documentary “When Mitt Romney Came To Town”. The documentary had so many holes in it that it never really held water or swayed voters.

However, it never seemed to stick. GOP primary voters understood what most Americans understand; Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital resulted in a net positive for jobs and the economy. After all, large and successful employers such as Staples, Domino’s Pizza, Sports Authority, Baskin-Robins etc would probably not be here today were it not for Bain Capital.

That reality did not stop the Obama campaign from picking up the torch from Gingrich and running with it. Many Obama surrogates took to the airwaves attacking Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital. Articles were written attacking Romney’s tenure at Bain and the manner in which he left to run the Olympics. They labeled Romney a cold-hearted, calculating, outsourcing, felon.

Like the GOP primary attacks, these attacks did little to move the needle for Obama. Instead it caused the American people to take a closer look at Romney’s record at Bain; a record that Bill Clinton Called “Sterling”. Mayor Cory Booker even called the attacks on Romney’s Bain record “nauseating to the American public” before being put back in line by the Obama campaign.

Failing to gain traction with the public on the Bain attacks, the Obama campaign moved on to Romney’s tax returns. Although Mitt Romney has committed to release two years of tax returns the democrats want to see at least seven and as many as ten years of returns. Harry Reid even went so far as to suggest that Mitt Romney paid zero taxes and others suggested that Mitt Romney did not file taxes in the years he refuses to release.

Once again, this attack fell short of the expectations that the Obama campaign hoped for. The reality is that presidential candidates have only been releasing tax returns since 1976 and it has been as low as one or two years of returns (John McCain only released two years of returns as well with no uproar). This attack got Americans thinking about the subject of unreleased records and when many started to question why so many of President Obama’s records, from college transcripts to extensive medial records, have not been released the topic was dropped like a hot potato. Even Harry Reid’s attack came back to bite him as he has never released one year of tax returns as leader of the senate.

The next attack the Obama campaign lobbed at Romney was that he was weak on foreign policy. The narrative was that Romney had never interacted with foreign leaders to the extent that President Obama had and his most recent international tour was marred by a comment about the preparedness of the British in their Olympic games, a comment that was viewed as insulting by many in the media.

As with previous attacks, the American people began to analyze Romney’s record on foreign policy and took a closer look at his recent international trip. They quickly realized that Romney has as much if not more foreign policy experience than Obama did before he became president. They also realized that the experts you surround yourself with are just as if not more important than any personal foreign policy experience you have. One of Romney’s foreign policy experts is former UN Ambassador Bolton. Obama’s foreign policy expert? Joe Biden…

The American people also realized that Romney’s foreign policy trip was actually quite successful. Romney received a very warm welcome in Poland and made a powerful speech outlining the reasons why Poland is so successful compared to her European neighbors, success that is attributed to Poland’s embrace of economic freedom, low taxes, & capitalism. Romney’s trip to Israel was also viewed by many as a success. Romney was able to clearly show that his relationship with the Israeli Prime Minister was based on mutual friendship and understanding. Romney provided clear evidence that his administration would strengthen ties with Israel.

The final blow to the foreign policy attack came when the Arab Spring that the Obama administration clearly had a hand in, spiraled out of control. The uprising in Egypt led to the desecration of the US flag and days of violent protest. However, the major fallout was the horrific death of the US Ambassador to Libya in Benghazi. In addition to being murdered, by the very people President Obama illegally used the US military to put into power, our Ambassador was paraded publicly in the streets while the rioters chanted anti-American epithets. For many Americans, this debacle was proof that while President Obama may have more foreign policy experience, it was not the right kind of experience for American security and regional stability in the Middle East.

Other smaller scale failed attacks from the Obama campaign include attacking Anne Romney for “not working” a day in her life, attacking Romney on Romneycare, attacking Romey-Ryan on Medicare, attacking Romney on tax cuts, attacking Romney on GM bankruptcy, and more.

Like each attack before it, this new “47%” attack will also backfire. The basis of this latest attack is Romney’s comments that 47% of the nation will vote for Obama no matter what because they are dependent on the government for their livelihood. Romney also said that if he were the son of Mexican parents he would be leading in the polls and he expressed the need to reach out to the Hispanic community in an attempt to save the GOP.

These attacks will fall flat once the American people start to analyze Romney’s words. Many Americans, even some who are currently in the “47%”, do not realize the extent to which our entitlement programs have ballooned. These programs were meant to be temporary support systems for people who were down on their luck. They were never meant to be a means for a person to live their entire life yet that is now the case for multiple generations of Americans who are unable to break the cycle of dependence. When confronted with this reality many Americans will actually agree with Mitt Romney.

The case for Mitt Romney’s position becomes even stronger when we consider the fact that many European nations have had large dependent classes for decades. These governments made promises that they are unable to keep. The bills for these promises are coming due in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy among others. These nations cannot pay them and many have been forced to agree to drastic cuts as a condition of obtaining bailout loans from the European Central Bank.

Faced with this reality, many Americans, some currently in the “47%”, will realize that reform is needed to save the system. If we really want to continue to provide for the most needy among us, we need to take steps to ensure the money will be there for future generations. The answer is not as simple as raising taxes. The reason why many of these European nations are in the position that they are in is because their high tax rates caused employers to flee reducing the amount of capital flowing through the economy which ultimately led to a loss of government revenue despite record tax rates. The same could easily happen here if we do not take steps to make our nation competitive again.

This “47%” attack is similar to another attack in which a Romney quote was taken out of context. Romney was quoted by many in the media as say “I’m not concerned about the very poor”. However, in context, Romney was making the case that the rich will always do fine (as they are under President Obama) and the poor have programs to rely on (as President Obama has proven). The one group that is suffering under President Obama is the middle-class. His assertion has proven to be correct as resent reports have been released showing the middle-class shrinking to the lowest level in decades and middle-class family income declining to 1995 levels under President Obama.

I have made the case that the GOP needs to reach out to those in the Hispanic community. I was a strong proponent of Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez, or Brian Sandoval for Vice President. I ultimately believe that Marco Rubio will be president in the next 8-12 years and Susana Martinez could easily be Vice-President or President is she so desired. Hispanics are social conservatives by nature; they believe in hard work, and the American dream. Contrary to Liberal beliefs, many Hispanics also want to secure the border and support common sense solutions to our nation’s immigration debate.

In my opinion, and supported by past reactions, I think this latest attack will actually backfire on the Democrats. These attacks remind me of one of my favorite childhood cartoon characters, Wile E. Coyote. Wiley was always setting up what he thought to be elaborate traps for his nemesis the Road Runner to fall into. The problem was that each and every trap Wile E. set ended up blowing up in his face or ensnaring him. The same has been true of every attack the Democrats have made thus far and this one will be no different.

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