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Friday, September 28, 2012

“Economic Patriotism”: Obama’s Biggest Red Flag Yet

By Rafael Elias

“Economic Patriotism”, the latest of Obama’s not-so-veiled attack on America’s fundamentals.

Make no mistake about it, “Economic Patriotism” is code word for “I will tax whomever I want, as much as I want, whenever I want …. All for the sake of a false sense of patriotism.”

Make no mistake about it, Obama truly believes that he alone is the one who can (and will) define what is “fair share”, who has to pay it, and how that share is to be distributed.


Experience shows Obama’s complete disregard to our Constitution and the limited powers it gives to the federal government and each of its branches. Obama truly believes that he is above the law and he can dictate who will pay what and how the wealth is to be used. He truly believes that he is the best arbiter to pick winners and losers, and experience has also shown that the only winners in Obama land are his cronies and supporters.

This new “economic patriotism” is the biggest red flag yet coming from the Obama camp. With this, he is clearly telling the American People that under his own personal definition of patriotism he is entitled to dictate how the economy will work depending on the priorities that he alone defines. Through “economic patriotism” he aims to gain an arbitrary “moral upper hand” giving himself the right to label (and punish) those who might disagree with whatever it is that he defines now or in the future as being a patriot.

In other words, whoever disagrees with whatever parameters Obama imposes, will be punished under the guise of being “unpatriotic”.

This has only been used in tyrannical and authoritarian regimes, and Obama is so cynical, that he is stating openly that this is exactly the kind of government he intends to lead if granted another four years!

Think about that!

One person who has shown time and again his disdain for our American institutions, the person who has governed by fiat whenever the laws or the Constitution have stood on his way, the man who takes no responsibility whatsoever for the failures of his policies and instead continues to blame predecessors, “noise”, “bumps in the road”, tsunamis, ATMs and virtually anything that could taint his own view of himself, now pretends to dictate how our country will operate. Singlehandedly, unilaterally, unquestioned.

This man, for whom accountability is an alien concept; who refuses to take into account even the recommendations given by teams that he himself put together; this president that truly believes that his decisions overrule any law or process, is now announcing openly that he will wage an open war against any person who dares oppose him.

He trusts and relies on his great power of manipulation. He knows and understands that if he frames an argument in a “sellable” way, he will have the unconditional support of the same masses that to this day refuse to see the calamity that has been his administration. He knows the power that he wages with a compliant media completely on his side willing to look the other way and advance furiously his mandates, arguments, and message.

He knows that he has an army of followers that believe in him blindly and feel that he is their defender, despite all the evidence that shows how these same people have been hit the hardest by his failed policies and his ideological way of governing.

This mass of followers will gladly comply with whatever the depot dictates, …. until it affects them too. And it will!

But by then it will be too late.

It is our duty, our true patriotic duty, to warn these people of what Obama means when he uses code words that will guarantee him the popular support for whatever action he desires to unilaterally take. 

It is our duty, our true patriotic duty to expose his perversity and to fight against the imposition of a tyrannical rule.

This is not an exaggeration. The future of the United States as we know it is in peril not only because of the dire situation in which Obama has put the nation, but even worse (and we thought it could not get worse) because he now is telling us that he intends to amass even more power, be even less accountable, literally thug his way into the deepest roots of our institutions.

Obama’s overreach is now reaching truly dangerous levels and he does not even bother to hide his intentions anymore! He is openly showing the tools he will use to manipulate public opinion into forcing his ways and govern with dictatorial authority.

If we don’t wise up; if we don’t stop this; if we allow this individual to be reelected, we can count on one thing: America will never again be the same. The bastion of Democracy (yes, with a capital “D”, not with a small “d” as he was caught saying) that is America will be lost in the concentration of power in one man whose intentions are to “fundamentally transform” the values that made the United States the most powerful nation the world has ever seen.

We need to get our sense of emergency going, to get fired up and to actively disseminate this message so as to make as many Americans as possible aware of what this man is trying to do.

He is so cynical that he is letting us know in advance that his intentions for a second term are to grab more power than anybody before him and to impose his views on constituents that in his view are lesser than him and can’t know better than him. 

He is so cynical that he is announcing openly that he wants to control our actions, take away our liberties, and become the sole source from where every government action will emanate, opposing sides be damned.

“Economic Patriotism” sounds like material from some futuristic novel defining the erosion of freedom and the centralized control of tyrants that decide for the people.

And do not underestimate Obama because this is exactly what he wants to achieve.

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