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Saturday, September 15, 2012


By Rafael Elias 
Imagine if Obama had put the same effort to solve our economic problems than he has put to grab on to power.

Imagine if he had met with his jobs council the same number of times he went out golfing.

Imagine if instead of demonizing the private sector he had worked on making starting new businesses an easier task.

Imagine if instead of obsessing on taxing “the rich” he had implemented pro-growth policies such as reducing red tape, providing fiscal incentives to job producers, and promoting public-private partnerships to develop and modernize our infrastructure.

Imagine if instead of fundraising with George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour, Obama would have met with congressional leaders to agree on a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff.

Imagine if instead of drafting Obamacare through backroom deals and outright bribes to supporters he would have agreed to incorporate the input of other parties.

Imagine if instead of going on Letterman he agreed to meet Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Imagine if instead of asking Medvedev for time so as to have “more flexibility” Obama would have stood up for our allies Poland and the Czech Republic.

Imagine if instead of granting Fidel Castro’s niece a visa to come to the U.S. to do politics he would have demanded the island’s government for the implementation of democracy and human rights.

Imagine if instead of leading from behind in Libya, Obama would have focused on helping freedom friendly civilians in Iran.

Imagine if instead of hesitating on what to do with Egypt’s Mubarak, Obama would have worked with other Arab allies to impede the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Imagine if instead of appointing czars, chosen among the most radical faction of the Left, Obama had communicated with his cabinet.

Imagine if instead of making recess appointments when Congress was actually not in recess, Obama would have shown respect for the Constitution.

Imagine if instead of giving Obamacare to Nancy Pelosi and have her develop it, Obama would have asked for input from industry specialists, doctors, and patients.

Imagine that if instead of running the dirtiest campaign in recent history, Obama could actually run on his record.

Imagine if instead of lying to the American people about his accomplishments, about the Republicans, about Romney and Ryan, and even about himself, he would have been true to his obligation to offer us facts and not the audacity of fiction.

Imagine how different and better America would be today.


Just imagine.

But then, of course, that would not be Obama.

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