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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Obama vs. America:

By Rafael Elias 
America: 23 million unemployed, underemployed, or not looking for work anymore.

Obama: 6 months without meeting a single time with his “jobs council”.

America: $16 trillion (that is sixteen million millions) in debt.

Obama: $10 million spent on vacations for his wife.

America: Median household income declined by more than $4,000

Obama: Held 160 fundraisers for his reelection campaign.

America: Lower-paying jobs made up about 58% of job growth during Obama’s tenure.

Obama: More than 100 golf outings (or around 400 man-hours lost equivalent to 50 8-hour working days spent on the golf course rather than working on putting Americans back to work)

America: One in six Americans living in poverty (or around 52 million people in poverty)

Obama: Held fundraisers with George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Wintour, and a plethora of celebrities.

America: Six million children living in poverty.

Obama: Threw a Halloween party at the White House with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton with an “Alice in Wonderland” theme.

America: Forty seven million people on food stamps.

Obama: Said in Colombia that part of his job is “scouting for Michelle’s next vacation spot”.

America: Paid for GM’s and Chrysler’s bailouts.

Obama: Is happy with GM losing $59k on each Volt and Chrysler being owned by Italy’s Fiat.

America: Has seen 43 straight months with unemployment above 8.0%

Obama: Thinks the “stimulus” was not enough.

America: Has been running deficits above $1 trillion (million millions) each and every year of the Obama administration.

Obama: Argues that “taxing the rich” (which would bring an estimated $47-to-$70 billion or not even 4%-to-7% of the annual red ink) is what is needed to reduce the deficit.

America: Desperate for a solution.

Obama: Goes on talk shows and slow-jams, talks about super powers, or plays basketball with Michael Jordan and Patrick Ewing.

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Anonymous said...

Note to Mitt Romney and his followers: Mitt Romney is the one who bet against Americans when he outsource and offshored jobs and business. He bet against American when he shipped his own money to Cayman and Swiss bank accounts. Were American banks not good enough for his money? Romney vs. America is the real issue, and his secret tax returns proves he is hiding all of his investments that bet against America. There is no doubt who's really against America..Mitt Romney

Billy Bob said...

You are so full of crap Anonymous, keep believing the Socialist, Anti- Capitalism message of your Messiah, your Lord Obama. It's incredible how stupid, ignorant and completely Un-American some of you useful IDIOTS can be......