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Friday, September 14, 2012

So let me get this straight...

By Rafael Elias
So let me get this straight...
The liberal media crucifies Governor Romney accusing him of "jumping the gun", making a statement "without having all the information", and questioning his "foreign policy preparedness".

At the same time, Obama and the media say that the statement from the Cairo Embassy was "mild" and that saying that "we reject the actions of by those who abuse the universal right of free speech" clearly referring to the producers of the film who "offended believers of all religions".

But NOW we are learning that Al-Qaeda might have been the perpetrator not only of the events in Cairo, but also in Libya, Yemen, and who knows where else and when.

So who was "jumping the gun" and "unprepared"?

Governor Romney, who asserted the foreign policy that a true leader should hold in order to maintain America the most powerful and respected nation on Earth?

Or Obama, Clinton, and their media mercenaries who condemned Governor Romney's statement only to now look like fools who had no idea that Al-Qaeda could have been behind the attacks and who instead, apologized for the actions of a few crazy filmmakers?

To make matters worse, now we are also learning that Obama has attended only around 30% of his daily security briefings in the last couple of years!

Who are the ones that are really unprepared, ignorant about what is going on with our enemies, and politicizing the situation for their own personal benefit?

And, where are the media now when they should be making the points I just made and clarifying their mistakes if not apologizing (are you listening, John Kerry?) for their biased blunder?

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