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Friday, September 7, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
This Is A Little Long, But It Will Knock Your Socks Off And It Is Absolutely True…

CONSIDER THIS: On Wednesday September 06, 2012 As We Watched The Former President Bill Clinton Take The Stage At The Democratic National Convention (DNC) And He Did Not Disappoint As He Stood There And Did What He Does Best. He Looked At Crowd And He Looked Straight Into The Camera And Addressed All Americans Who Would Listen To Him And Then He Lied Through His Teeth As He Had Done Repeatedly, Even Before While Under Oath, That Led To His Impeachment.

There Is No Doubt That He Is Skilled And Honed At His Craft, As He Masterfully Lays Out Partial Truths And Distorts Them Into Whole Lies. There Were So Many To Possibly Cover Them All In One Publishing Without Losing All Your Interest And Patience, So I Would Refer You To Read A Previous Piece Submitted About “The Truth Of The Obama Or Ryan 716 Billion Dollar Budget Cuts To Medicare” Which Can Be Found At This Link Mitt Romney Express Blog - KEY Truth About Medicare, And I Will Focus On Another Very Important Issue In This Article That Directly Relates To The Jobs Report Released Today.

This Issue Is Addressed In Several Television Advertisements, As Well As Commented On, By Both Sides And Now, Mr. Clinton Of Whom Many Would Automatically Assume Has Some Authority And Understanding Of This Same, Would Know And Speak The Absolute Truth About, Because It Is The “Welfare Reform” Bill Of Which He Signed Into Law And Now Some Claims Are Made That Mr. Obama Has “Gutted” This Law.

Mr. Clinton Stood Before The Podium And Stated, “When Some Republican Governors Asked, If They Can Have Waivers, To Try New Ways To Put People On Welfare Back To Work, The Obama Administration Listened, Cause We All Know It’s Even Hard For People With Good Work Histories, To Get Jobs These Days, So Moving Folks From Welfare To Work Is A Real Challenge.” 

He Continued, “And The Administration Agreed To Give Waivers To Those Governors And Others, ONLY If They Had A Credible Plan To Increase Employment By (20%)Twenty Percent And They Could Keep The Waivers, ONLY If They Did Increase Employment.” He Asked, “Now, Did I Make Myself Clear? The Requirement Was For MORE Work, NOT Less.“

Mr. Clinton Added, “Now I Am Telling You, The Claim That President Obama “Weakened” The Welfare Reform’s Work Requirement Is Just NOT True.”

This Is The Confirmed Truth. There Was A Group Of Five Governors Made Up Of Two Republicans; Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R), And Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) And Three Democrat Governors, California Gov. Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown Jr. (D), Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy (D), And Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D) And These Five Governors Where Seeking Flexibility For Their States On Alternative Ways To ACHIEVE The Law’s Goal Of Moving Recipients From Welfare To Work.

A Letter Was Drafted And Forwarded To The U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services (HHS) Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius And Their Letter Clearly Asks The Federal Government For More Flexibility In How They, Independently Could Hand Out Welfare Dollars. Their Stated Purpose Was To Spend Less Time On Federal Paperwork And More Time Experimenting With Ways To Connect Welfare Recipients With Jobs.

The Governors' Letter Makes No Mention, What So Ever Of Waiving Work Requirements Of The “Welfare Reform” Act, But Instead In The Letter, They Discussed The “Temporary Assistance For Needy Families” (TANF) Program And The “Personal Responsibility And Individual Development For Everyone” (PRIDE) Act, Which Required Higher Mandatory Participation Rates Imposed On Their States And They Simply Requested The Opportunity To Explore Possibilities, As Individual (Laboratory) States, To Find The Best Solutions.

Furthermore, Their Letter Did Not Mention A Waiver Because The (TANF) Program Being Discussed Had Written In It, A Provision Forbidding HHS To Waive The Work Requirements, So It Would Not Have Only Been Unlawful To Do So, But Impossible To Do So, Without The Proper Legislative Process.

SO What Really Happened And Why? Ever Since The 1996 “Welfare Reform” Law Passed, Democratic Leaders Have Continuously Attempted To Repeal Welfare’s Work Standards, Blocking Re-authorization Of The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF) Program And Attempting To Weaken The Requirements. 

Unable To Accomplish This Legislatively, The Obama Administration Saw The Governors’ Letter As An Opportunity To Accomplish These Same Democratic Desires And Avoid That “Check And Balance” Legislation Portion Of Our Government.

Therefore, In A Blatant Contradiction With And Violation Of, The Law’s Provision Forbidding A Waiver Being Granted And While Declaring That He Was Working With Republicans, To Help Out Their States, Mr. Obama Turned His Back On Compromising With Those Republican Congressmen And Senators, With Whom He Is Supposed To Work And Compromise, And He Seized The Political Opportunity Under The Guise Of Compromising With Republican Governors And Signed An Executive Order Claiming HHS Now Has Authority To “GRANT WAIVERS” That Will Allow All States To GET AROUND Those Pesky Work Requirements.

SO Did Former President Bill Clinton Lie When He Said That Mr. Obama Did NOT Gut The “Welfare Reform” Act? Technically, NO But He Did Not Say The Whole Truth, That Mr. Obama Signed An Executive Order Which Made The Original Law On The Federal Level, Useless…

Did Former President Bill Clinton Lie When He Said That Mr. Obama Did NOT Weaken The “Welfare Reform” Act? Technically, NO But He Did Not Say The Whole Truth, That By Mr. Obama Signing That Executive Order Which Made The Original Law On The Federal Level, Useless, It Now Is Only As Effective Or As Useless As Each State’s Governor Chooses To Make It. So In Politics, Mr. Obama Didn’t Do It, The Governors Will Do It… Just Exactly, What The Democrats Had Been Wanting…

Wait, Wait You Say, But They Have To Put More People To Work In Order To Get That Waiver. Well, True But You Must Consider, The HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius Declared The Existing (TANF) Law A “Blank Slate“, She Actually Stated That The Administration ABOLISHED The (TANF) Work Requirements, To Increase Work. 

Therefore The “Description” Of Work Is Now So Extremely Broad, That Activities Such As “Bed Rest” Or “Reading” Or Doing One Hour Of Job Search Per MONTH, Are Actually Now Acceptable..

The HHS Actually Suggested To The States That Desire To Participate, That The Requirement To Move At Least 20 Percent More People From Welfare To Work, Actually Means 20 Percent, Compared To Their State’s Prior Performance And Then Added, Given The Normal Turnover Rate In Welfare Programs, The Easiest Way To Increase The Number Of People Moving From Welfare To Work, IS TO INCREASE THE NUMBER ENTERING WELFARE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

These Were Exactly The Same Issues, Why The 1996 “Welfare Reform” Act Was Written And Became Law In The First Place, In An Attempt To Put A Stop To Such Bogus Statistical Ploys, Which Were Quite The Norm, Prior To The 1996 Reform.

Now Consider This: IF You Really Believe This Was Done To “Help” Those “Republican” Governors’ With Something They Didn’t Even Ask For, Know That Those Two Republican Governors Which Were A Part Of That Letter, Have Refused To Accept The “Waiver” Claiming It Was Not What They Were Asking For And It Was Illegal To Grant. IF You Really Believe This Was Done To “Help” The Poor People, Know That Several Studies And Feedback Showed, That Many People Did Far Better With The Law, Than Before The Law Was Passed And Many Even Offered Their Thanks. 

However, The Real Truth Of Why This Was Done, When It Was Done (July 12, 2012)… IS Because Each And Every Single “Increase”, Addition To The Number Of Able Body People Entering Welfare, Causes The Able Body Work Force, To Decrease By One. 

Therefore, The Fewer Able Body People In The Work Force, Means The Unemployment Rate Which Had These Same In Consideration, Will No Longer Count Them And That Equals A Lower Unemployment Rate, Just In Time, Right Before The November Election. 

Don’t Believe Me? In June 2012 Before It Was Signed, 64,000 People, Later Revised To 45,000 People, Left The Workforce. In July 2012 After It Was Signed, 163,000 People, Later Revised To 141,000 People, Left The Workforce And Then, There Is August.

The First Full Month Since Mr. Obama’s Signing Of The Executive Order And HHS Suggesting To Participating States, To Simply Add To Their Welfare Programs To Meet The Requirements, The August 2012 Jobs Report Shows “Inexplicably” That 386,000 People Left The Workforce. That Is Over (6)Six Times More Than June. 

Many Experts Are Even Baffled Or Bewildered And Asking, Where Did They Go? Perhaps, They Should Look At The Latest Welfare Enrollment Report… 

One Might Find It Hard To Understand Why Former President Clinton Seemed To Support This Change To A Law That Was Somewhat A Highlight Of His Second Term, But You Have To Understand That He Was Pressured To Sign This Into Law By A Republican Majority Congress And He Finally Did Sign It, Only After He Vetoed It The First Two Times. 

Now Consider This: Former President Bill Clinton Desperately Wants There To Be A Future President Clinton And Hillary Clinton Will Turn (65)Sixty-Five Years Old Right Before This Year’s Scheduled Election, Therefore, She Will Be (69)Sixty-Nine Years Old At The Time Of The 2016 Election And Only One President Has Been Elected At That Age (Ronald Reagan) And No President Has Ever Been Elected Beyond That Age, So She Statistically Has Only One Opportunity. 

Bill Clinton Is Intelligent Enough To Know, That If The Republican Mitt Romney Is Elected And Is Successful, That A Democrat Challenge In 2016 Would Be Almost Impossible To Win. He Also Knows That If Mr. Obama Remains In Office And Doesn’t Fail Too Badly And Caters More To The Democrat Base With Enticements, That It Is Possible To Hold Republicans At Bay In 2016. 

Thus, With His Choice To Back Mr. Obama At All Costs, He Apparently Is More Afraid Of A Successful Mitt Romney Presidency, Than An Expanded Democratic Base Becoming Disenchanted By The Failures Of Another President Obama Term.

Therefore, With His Support And Cover Up Of This Law’s Abolishment Under Mr. Obama, Not Only Does He Cater To The Democratic Base, But He Allows All The Conservative Backlash To Fall On Mr. Obama. Thus, Providing A 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton With An Enlarged And Happier Base, While Sparing Her That Same Backlash.

However, There Can Be No Doubt, That The Faithful Believers And Followers Of Former President Bill Clinton Will Not Read Or Listen To, Or Even Look For The TRUTH For Themselves. They Will Boldly And Blindly Proclaim, They Know That Former President Bill Clinton IS Telling The Truth.

To Those Same, I Can Only Respond With This, “Well, That Of Course, Depends On What The Meaning Of The Word “IS” Is“….

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