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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Media for Wimps and the Whiner-in-Chief.

By Rafael Elias

When did half of this country become scared of the truth?
What made the media become twisters of facts?
How did the country elect such a whiner?
It is all related folks, it is all related.
Governor Romney was stating a fact. The fact that Obama’s base, roughly 47% of the country, remains under the spell of a snake oil salesman that has convinced them that they are entitled to a government that will take care of them from cradle to grave.
Yet the media, perfectly in sync with the Obama campaign twist that irrefutable fact and apply a completely different meaning to the Governor’s words.
Governor Romney was speaking strictly about campaign strategy and where should his efforts be better deployed. Regardless of how the media want to spin it, the truth is that there is no way that Obama’s 47% base will ever vote for anyone else, regardless what.
Thus, the Governor recognizes that focusing on the people that buy the Obama myth would be futile, and again, speaking strictly on the basis of a campaign strategy to better use its time and resources.
Now, the media want you to believe that what Romney meant was that he does not care about half the country, when nothing could be further from the truth.
Our whiner-in-chief, after doing some serious spinning if his own, has pulled out of his hat the myth that Governor Romney would raise taxes on the middle class when it has been clearly stated, time and again, that Romney would cut taxes for everybody. Yes, everybody. And everybody, last time I checked, include the middle class. Even those who are on Obama’s camp; even those that remain under Obama’s spell; even those that believe what an unprecedented biased media tells them: Everybody.
So when did half the country become unable to handle the truth?
When a president came along and delivered nothing but speeches, was fond of nothing but excuses and people to blame for his failures, and made lies the centerpiece of the justification for his incompetence.
His own thin skin was excused by the media that hides his shortcomings by demonizing critics. The media raised the volume of their defense of this president to levels where no other voice could be heard. They took the public discourse hostage and made 47% of the people believe that the truth and the facts were nothing more than veiled attacks on a well-meaning leader who could do no wrong but that was operating with his hands tied by all those critics. The media were justifying the lack of leadership of the one who was supposed to lead by making him a victim. If he can’t lead, it’s not his fault they tell us.
It is all related.
Obama found out soon enough that being a victim would pay bigger dividends if he could make the people feel like victims too. So he started a class war inventing “millionaires and billionaires” that earn $200,000 a year; asking people to pay their “fair share” without ever explaining what that meant; ignoring the fact that the top 10% or earners pay 80% of the nation’s taxes. Only he and the media could convince the people that this is not “a fair share”.
It was all on display at the Democratic National Convention. Speech after speech glorifying unions (ask Chicagoans how that is going), painting Obama’s opponents as waging wars on everything: women, gays, unions, the middle class, you name it. Speech after speech, radical after radical, would not stop telling the people that they are victims of a “rigged system” where a few take advantage of the many. And the media parroting those lies, those misconceptions, that spin on reality, only perpetuated the idea that there are only two parties and that one is good while the other is evil.
Today’s “journalists” don’t report anymore. Every piece of information comes with an opinion, often times from people that know absolutely nothing about what they are opining on. (How many so-called reporters have degrees on economics? On national defense? On public policy?) Every “opinion” is loaded. Loaded with talking points previously discussed by and/or vetted by the Obama campaign. Loaded with lies, venom, and that very dangerous hint of sarcasm that has become the trademark of the president’s speeches. The media have become Obama’s most powerful tool to divide by being the perfect conduits of his lies, the perfect messengers of spin, the perfect keepers of his secrets, the perfect sources of distraction, and the perfect cover up of his failed record.
Yes, half of this country makes up Obama’s base. And Obama’s base is undoubtedly a base that has been brainwashed, trained Pavlovian-style to have knee-jerk responses to what the media cue to them. Half of this country actually do believe that “taxing the rich” will cut the deficit (where are the media that tell the people that a maximum of $70 billion in “taxes to the rich” make no difference with budget deficits in excess of $1 trillion?). Half of this country believes that Obama did as best as anybody could have done “under the circumstances”.
Indeed, the Obama base has been trained to feel like victims, to think like victims, to feel as if somebody is out to get them, that only an Obama government will protect them from the big-bad-wolf.
And such training has made their skins thin, has made these people allergic to the truth, has made them want, need, require some spin that will make the facts fit their own reality, has made them wimps too disconnected from reality to discern between the sad facts of the Obama blunder and the happy lies of a hope and change that never came about and never will under this president.
Objectivity, ethics, professionalism, character, duty, are all virtues that have been long gone from today’s “journalism”.
The “fourth estate” is now nothing but a “surreal estate” where outright lies are fed like truths with the cynicism of those who forgot that they have a moral and ethical obligation to inform. Activists now pretend to act as journalists and they get away with it because they are given the power of the pen and the microphone, and because they are given strict instructions from Obama and his team. The worst part is that they happily comply, since the truth stopped being relevant to them the moment Obama ran in the primaries four years ago (ask the Clintons!)
The media have taken sides and they chose to gang together against anything and anybody that could possibly present a threat to their dear leader. And dear leader continues to call the shots as these so-called journalists prostitute themselves (again, ask the Clintons!) by refusing to be true to the facts and by becoming loyal to the spin.
These are media for wimps. They have effectively turned half the country into entitled zombies that follow their instructions and parrot them without ever questioning the premises or the basis for any given note. One only needs to hear them all regurgitating each and every Obama talking point verbatim to see that what I say is true.
These are media for wimps, and media marching to the drumbeat of a president incapable of showing leadership except when manipulating facts and worse, public opinion. He cannot lead his country, but he can lead the herd just like the man from Hamelin did with his flute. His flute is the media, his herd is his base, and his price is America having lost one of the bastions of any free nation: independent and truthful media.
The media are fully behind a failed president, betraying the people under the pretense of protecting them. The media are as hypocritical as the president; as complicit; as perverse; as rotten.
Maybe one day they will be ashamed.
They should.

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