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Friday, April 6, 2012

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Moron

By Christopher Mason
This is going to be a hard topic and I've been wanting to write about her so badly over the past few months. There's not a single nice thing I can say about her and it's going to be extremely hard to not go into a lengthy attack on her personally because she's just a walking, talking, liberal zombie that has absolutely no idea of how partisan and idiotic she sounds.

Just a bit of proof as to what I mean, listen to this clip of her and Chris Wallace arguing on the topic of Mitt Romney.

I'm going to first call on you all to read this. Just listen to her words because she is the definition of a moron. She attacks Mitt Romney on the topic of him being a CEO of a company that buys out another company in hopes of turning them around, where Obama is the head of the country and uses money to buy companies that fail... Why... that sounds like exactly the same thing only one man did it in the Private sector with his own money, the other did it with OUR MONEY.

Now let's continue to look at Mrs. Schultz over here who likes to toot her own horn. She doesn't seem to be making her point clear in here except for the fact that she is very partisan. I also have a hard time taking ANY news show seriously. when they have her on the air because it's just constant, vile, hate speech towards the right.

I am calling on everyone to donate, despite whether you live in Florida or not, to donate to whoever chooses to run against her whether it's a Democrat or a Republican. On the topic of being mindless, I guess she did say one thing that was correct in this video, listen carefully when Chris Wallace asks a question about the President and she leads off with, "Romney..." At least she's smart enough to know Obama is a one term President!!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100% Both sneaky liberal biased wasserman and cutter should be in jail for slander and defamation of character not working in a government position. They were like junior high school haters running around the hallway spreading rumors about people they are jelous of and afraid of. I can't believe romney didn't sue them all.
What was he thinking? Letting them get away with that makes no if any sense. He let himself get stepped on and ran a weak campaign.
I guess taking the high road is not popular in the new left world we live in. The liberals seem to love liars and cheats.