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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


By Rafael Elias 
Dear Friends:

I want to personally wish Senator Santorum and his family, especially his daughter Bella, my very best. I know that his decision was a tough one and he ran an extraordinary campaign. I wish him peace, and the best of luck.

Now, as a personal supporter and surrogate of Governor Romney, and as member of his National Hispanic Steering Committee, I tell you all that it is time to go full speed ahead and focus, without further distractions, on exposing the failures of the Obama administration, the President's unfulfilled promises, his divisive campaign his strategy of "divide and conquer", and his overall dismal record.

It is time for us in the Romney Camp, and for all Republicans, Conservatives, Independents, and Rational Democrats to promote the free, unadulterated flow of ideas, to ignore the media bias, to condemn the misguidance and misconceptions emerging from the White House, the DNC and their spokeswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

It is time for all of us to make the media accountable and demand that they report objectively and stop carrying water for this administration once and for all; to call them when they advance made-up arguments and unfounded cases like the in-existent "war on women" as well as when they only present partial and inaccurate information on topics like the "Buffett Rule".

It is time to show them that America is politically mature and that we will take nothing less than correct and factual information; that we are not ready to continue to tolerate gimmicks like the President and Harry Reid are planning by sending the "Buffett Rule" initiative to the Senate Floor or demonizing the Ryan Budget without even giving it a read!

It is time to get serious and let Obama and his team(s) know that we do not want a campaign based on lies, non-existing conflict manufactured perversely in Axelrod's office, and hammered by unqualified commentators. 

And as for us in the Romney Team, lets redouble our efforts to make voters more knowledgeable about the Governor's platform of economic growth, budget stabilization, debt reduction, fiscal and monetary prudence, and most importantly, robust job creation.

The contrast could not be any clearer.
We have to help the Governor make his case.

Full Speed Ahead, ROMNEY 2012!


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