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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Romney and the Wisconsin Response

Sunday, April 1, 2012


The Wisconsin Republican Primary is only a few days away and former Governor Mitt Romney has received multiple endorsements this week that will no doubt have pushed him closer to winning this election and hopefully, closer to the Presidency. One of the questions that comes with these endorsements is, why now?

Well the answer to that is simple enough, why not? Wisconsin moved their primary up from where it normally would have been. This means that not only is it rare for Wisconsin to make a difference but this election in it's own has been different for most of the states were proportional. This means that whoever got X amount of the vote would also receive X amount of the delegates up for state from that state. 

This is different in comparison to Wisconsin which is a winner takes all state. Rick Santorum just weeks ago was leading Romney in Wisconsin which is a relatively blue collar state. The endorsement from Marco Rubio comes at a crucial time for Mitt Romney and it will help him capitalize on the failing campaigns of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. 

This week alone Newt Gingrich has let go of 1/3rd of his staff, and his campaign staff manager. He swears that this will help him on his path to the nomination but the problem that many see here is that the Republican party is at odds with themselves. As a precursor, Newt Gingrich has also said that he expects Rick Santorum and himself will welcome Mitt Romney as the nominee with open arms if he can get to that magic delegate count. What I, nor many others who are watching this campaign, can understand is why are you even dragging this race out? Why doesn't Newt and Rick Santorum just back out now and give Mitt Romney the nomination. (We all know he's going to be the nominee.)

Marco Rubio endorsing Mitt Romney when he did, shortly after Rick Santorum's rant about his words being taken out of context and something about bullshit, comes at a pivotal time. Rick Santorum has been referenced as before, a hot head. He has at various times fueled the argument by many on the left that we stick to our religion and that's that. He is a terrible candidate. Religion is not supposed to be forced upon someone else and you can see that with Mitt Romney, he doesn't force Mormonism on us.

When Mitt Romney was governor of my state her in MA he didn't force candy taxes the way our current governor has contemplated, same with soda, we now have a new tax on beer, which for Mitt Romney would have been easy things to do because as a Mormon he doesn't like taking anything that would effect the human body such as sugar, caffeine, tobacco, ect., If Rick Santorum was not so radical he might have had a chance, but now with all these key endorsements coming out it helps to play with the fact that Romney can energize the base. 

The best endorsement right now for Mitt Romney is the endorsement of Congressmen Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. This is a big endorsement, maybe even bigger than that of Marco Rubio and the only reason I say that is Rubio did not endorse when Romney was running for Florida or even Puerto Rico which it may have helped to sway it a little more. Paul Ryan endorsed a little under a week of the Wisconsin Primary which does help to shape those who take what their legislators recommend at face value. This also is great for those people who are on the fence and really like Paul Ryan and hearing him back Romney over Santorum, it does show that Santorum's credibility is gone. 

Mitt Romney has stated he believes he is going to win the Wisconsin Primary. At the moment, Romney has estimated 565 delegates. He is almost halfway there to the 1,144 needed to win the nomination. The District of Columbia and Maryland also have primaries on Tuesday and Mitt Romney is expected to win all of them bringing him closer to the nomination. Then later on in the month states like Connitecut, New York, and Rhode Island are all projected to go to Mitt Romney with Pennsylvania being a large toss up state.

Here's to hoping, best wishes Governor Romney!

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