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Monday, April 2, 2012


By Tim Shaw Sr.
In 2007, I read Mitt Romney's newly released book "Turnaround." At that point I knew very little about Mitt Romney, other than I had watched the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and loved them. The Olympics had really inspired me, when they began I was still in a deep state of sadness from 9/11, which still hung heavy in the air. The Olympics were only 5 or 6 months after 9/11.

As I read the book, I discovered it to be a "real page turner!" I couldn't put it down, it was a cliff hanger, the situation was bleak and I just couldn't see how Mitt would pull it out. As I read the book I came to know that man in detail, I discovered how much he really does care about people. His style was to surround himself with very bright people, he called this his management team, and didn't make a decision until he really understood how and why the right course of action would be. Plus, I came to see how Mitt has the ability to inspire people who are engaged in a cause, that times seemed to almost be hopeless. He is motivated them by appealing to their best talents and their better selves. He was able to inspire about 5,000 volunteers to help, including himself, he directed the Olympics for 4 years, without pay.

In this book Mitt Romney describes in detail his leadership philosophy and how he utilizes it in a crisis. As he traveled the world, to gain international support for the then failing Salt Lake City Olympics, his natural international negotiating skills became apparent and seemed to come natural to him.

Of course, we all know the outcome of the games which were very successful. When I was done reading this book I literally felt like I had become so educated in business and leadership qualities that I felt like I had completed an MBA program.

On a personal note, it was at the beginning of this Olympic challenge that Ann Romney was diagnosed with MS. Not only was Mitt faced with the Olympic Challenge but he struggled with Ann's debilitating illness. I discovered how he and Ann personally struggled and dealt with this personal challenge.

If you chose to read this book, when you finish you will feel like you know Mitt Romney, his skills, and personality as you never have before. When he wrote this book it was before he had served as Governor or run as President. This is a must read for any American seriously considering who to vote for President. You will get well beyond the campaign stump, his opponents half-truths and other opposition "research," you come to know the real man.

When I closed the final page of the book the first idea that came into my mind was "This man needs to be the President of the United States, he has the exact skills our country needs." (The book is available at Amazon, or available to read by Kindle)

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