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Friday, April 13, 2012

A Simple Way To Destroy Obama's New Attack Ad On RomneyCare

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By Jared Allebest
Recently, the Obama Campaign team released a new ad titled, "The Anniversary of Romneycare" in which it attacks Mitt Romney's for supporting the individual mandate at the state level but wants to repeal the individual mandate at the national level. 
Here is the clip below:

The Romney Campaign is well known for rapidly responding to political attacks from campaign rivals can simply refute this ad by simply airing this clip on nation wide: 

The video clip isn't the first time Obama has objected to the individual mandate. Back in 2008, when Obama was running for President, he supported a health care reform proposal that didn't not include the individual mandate because he had concerns about how the individual mandate was a slippery slope that could lead the government to think that they can solve homelessness by mandating that everyone buy a house.
All the Romney media team has to do is throw Obama's own words back at him. This would be very effective since it would show Obamaflip flopping on the individual mandate. Moreover, it would cause the voters across this country to wonder if Obama was so strongly opposed to the individual mandate in 2008, why would he include it in his own health care plan? The only conclusion that the viewers will draw from that question is that Obama must have disingenuously opposed it for political reasons rather than having any sincere objections to it.
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