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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Letter to all my Friends / By the Women, For the Women, and About the Women for Romney in 2012!

                  “ By the Women, For the Women, and About the Women for Romney in 2012!”

By Judi Rust

 Hello to All my Friends, I just had the opportunity to spend 3 days in Salt Lake City, Utah. For those of you unaware, travel for me these days is very difficult as I have a terminal illness so any travel is made more difficult by this fact, but I am a fighter and refuse to give in to the inevitable. My trip was totally worth any price I pay personally and was only made possible by the support and help of many people.

So, before I go any further I want to thank ALL of the wonderful people who made my trip possible and the success that it was.

Now the main purpose of my trip was not about or for Mitt Romney, though his success and getting him nominated and then elected is the one main goal and passion in my life at this time. As no day passes when I would pass up an opportunity to share his message and help educate Americans as to the reasons America Needs Mitt, on my trip it was no different.

Friday night, while waiting to meet some friends for dinner was my first opportunity. While sitting in a wheelchair unaccompanied outside an excellent establishment, I had a good number of complete strangers stop to say “hello”, and inquire as to if I needed any help or assistance. As I explained to most that I was fine and just waiting to join some friends for dinner, I had the opportunity to carry on some light hearted conversation. Out of the more then 20 (yes 20) people who stopped to chat, 14 of them moved on with a little more knowledge of my chosen candidate for President. What was amazing to me was the reception of my message and the comments made.

While all were not Mitt supporters, I do believe I may of somehow managed to at least give them food for thought. The one conversation that stands out thought was the one I had with a couple, in which the husband was definitely an Obama supporter, while his wife was leaning towards supporting Mitt. At the end of our conversation, the gentleman told me “Your passion and your message for Mitt Romney is contagious” “Your knowledge and sincerity have most definitely given me a great deal to rethink about how I wish to use my vote” While there are no guarantees this man will make a change when he goes to vote, there is now a greater possibility we may have another conversion. To me this is most encouraging. I don’t think it is necessary to have everyone come over to my way of thinking but just the fact that I gave enough information and education in a pleasant, and unthreatening manner was appreciated and as I said earlier “food for thought” that could have the possibility of changing a mind and a vote was success enough.

On Saturday as I prepared to join a group (Mitt Chicks)for lunch I was again given the opportunity to share several times my message and passion. Now Mitt Chicks, is a group of about 300 Ladies from across the United States that work both online and off in the support of Mitt Romney for President. We, along with several other women’s groups share a passion and a main goal. Our numbers combined far exceed over 1500, and while that may seem to many a relatively small number compared to the number of female voters, we do make a difference. For any out there who don’t believe that Mitt has the woman’s vote, or passionate supporters they only need to look at these organized groups of Ladies to see differently.

In my 42 years of voting eligibility I have never seen such an effort by women to become knowledgeable about the issues of economics, job creation, and National debt as I see today. So along with the core values that most women look at when deciding on where their vote will go, there are now other issues that any candidate must address. The research and vetting of the past, records of failure and achievement, and the goals that can be reached honestly are now on the top shelf. Women are learning that we have a voice and that we can and will make a difference.

The direction America takes in the future, is the greatest precedence in this upcoming National election. It is not about one issue or one man..It is about the welfare and preservation of not only a single life, but of the America we Know and Love and want for the generations to come.

So as I step down now from my soapbox, I will say that my weekend trip was a stunning success in ways I could of never imagined. The Ladies I had lunch with made a difference already in just bringing the awareness of the importance of this upcoming election out. America Needs Mitt Romney and our message will continue to be shared as will our passion. So please take the time to share even outside the political arena your passions and knowledge it is “contagious”.

If you wish to know more or just join in the fun and effort please look us up on Facebook – mittchicks and mittchicksrock.com is

“ By the Women, For the Women, and About the Women for Romney in 2012!” (Men are most welcome to join in too) Visit our website at  http://mittchicksrock.com/


Shirley Ramsey said...

Fantastic Judi!! Can't wait to meet the rest of our women when we all gather in DC for the inaguration!!

Mitt Romney Express said...

This letter is awesome, God willing you will win your medical battle. You are showing all of us that message and passion is what is needed to get our message out thanks for sharing Judi. God Bless........ Mitt Chicks Rock! @

Andrea Strauss said...

Great Reminder, Judy! Wonderful article. So glad that you had such a nice experience. And, thank you so much for your service to our country, both now and in your previous commitment to the military. You are an AMAZING American Lady! God Bless You!