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Monday, April 2, 2012

Santorum's Impending Implosion

By Christopher Mason
 I will go on to say like I have countless times over the past few years by saying Rick Santorum is a ticking time bomb. Before he ran for the nomination in the Republican Party I feel like the only time I ever heard his name in the media was about a failed policy, an absurd statement, or some controversial foot in the mouth moment but all are results of his thick headed, idiotic, loose comments and lack of thought. I feel like whenever he speaks the word he truly means to say escape him and he must have tourette's syndrome for he blurts out, especially in the past two weeks, whatever he can to hurt his own chances.

It could also be that Rick Santorum is such a genius that rather than bow out and look like he's a "Team Player" like he had been years ago he is actually trying to sabotage his own campaign. That is the only thing that comes to mind when I read about his most recent, political blunder and foot in mouth and possibly in arse statement.

Rick Santorum's recent blunder consists of a favored son of Wisconsin, a certain Paul Ryan. Santorum is like a high school girl scorned by a date that stood her up for a better candidate for the Senior Prom. I say this because, and I'll quote a portion of the article and link to the rest so that you can read it, "On Saturday, it became very clear that Santorum was unhappy with Ryan's endorsement when his endearing reference of Ryan being ‘a great Wisconsinite’ had changed. During Santorum’s speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition he referred to Ryan as ‘some other Wisconsinite’, as he talked about Ryan’s tax reform plans. " -RIGHT SPEAK: Another Santorum Tantrum )

Before I get into bashing Santorum some more, if those of you reading this don't all ready understand I am a Romney supporter. I have donated not only money, time, and personally have voted for him in his campaign for the nomination. I'm just giving a full disclosure here. Now with that being said, back to the remarks of this scorned girl, I mean Rick Santorum.

I feel like it was just weeks ago that Paul Ryan was one of the most coveted endorsements and his name has been thrown around as a potential VP choice since the first straw polls in Ohio. The very fact that Santorum can go from, "a great Wisconsinite" to "some other Wisconsinite" is not only degrading to Paul Ryan but is also petty. There has been so much bad blood between this guy that even Newt Gingrich is starting to seem like a more logical choice of Santorum (and we all know the problems with Newt.).

Every day I turn on my TV and flip through to a specific news channel, I turn on my computer and I read my tweets and email. The various emails that I receive always have something bad to say about some one's past but with Santorum it's normally something from his past, as in an hour in the past... It's actually rather sad.

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