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Thursday, April 12, 2012


By Vanderbrink Mardell
DID YOU HEAR....now they are going after Ann Romney for being a stay-at-home mom..... And The Point IS WHAT??? Ann obviously wanted to be a stay-at-home full time homemaker, housekeeper and mom for her children. Mitt obviously wanted to be the full-time sole supporter for his family. He’s a businessman who happens to be a politician and, I’d say he is an expert at combining politics and business to produce economic success.. … 
My hope is (and your hope should be) that in November, Romney is given the opportunity to take care of our county and us LEGAL TAX-PAYING CITIZENS as well as he has taken care of Ann and his children… He has proven over- and-over again that once he accepts a responsibility, everyone needs only to step back, give him elbow room and follow his lead. 
His success comes from common sense, honesty and playing by the rules. During interviews and debates, popular opinion or not, Romney just states what needs to be done to get our people and our country back on sound economic standing. Unlike whom we have now in office, Romney has no dishonest dealings, no unsavory associations, no hidden birth or educational information…. I doubt if Romney would ever whisper “secret agreements” to the Russian President or any other national leader. And the big news of the day is that Mitt Romney’s rich which means he knows how to spend the money he makes for the good of his family and his wife, Ann is a stay-at-home mom which means she knows how to stay on a budget? Really, huh!!! Have we Americans lost our minds???? Our main problem is ECONOMIC……. Barack and Michele Obama do not need a second term to show us that neither of them has any idea of how to spend money for the good of the country or what living on a budget means.

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