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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Responding to another writer that stated that Romney cannot win because he is Mormon

By S.J. Husak 
Today I was responding to another writer that stated that Mitt Romney cannot win because the Democrats will attack him for being a Mormon. This writer said Newt Gingrich will still take this to the Tampa Convention. Anybody that really thinks 8 weeks is enough time for the eventual nominee to mount a proper campaign against an incumbent President needs their head examined. Here is part of my ultimate response:

"A man's religion has nothing to do with being a great POTUS, either. Have you ever read Governor Romney's bio? I'll take his history over a DC insider anytime. But as I said, Speaker Gingrich lost me when he started promising big new expenditures...including the moon, LITERALLY, as he campaigned state to state. Then he attacked Governor Romney for being a capitalist. Romney's record of turning around failing and under-performing businesses is phenomenal...over a 65% success record. Sure he had to lay people off, to save the jobs of the remainder...rather than losing all of them! Remember, I was a turnaround guy myself for 19 years! Also, Romney blew his doors off in the Florida debate.

"I have read everything there is to read about Speaker Gingrich and like him a lot, but he lacks the temperament to be a President, (go read some of the things he said on the House Floor about President being a failure) and besides...this round of the elections is over. Let's not forget that Speaker Gingrich also endorsed RomneyCare and toured America with the ultimate frigging nutcase, Nancy Pelosi speaking about saving the world from man made global warming. I was an office holder when Reagan was President, I remember then Congressman Gingrich all too well.

"The bottom line is if Speaker Gingrich was REALLY smart he'd endorse Governor Romney and will make a great Energy Secretary in the Romney Administration.

"BTW, Romney attained both a JD and an MBA simultaneously at Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. I understand fewer than a dozen other students have ever managed to accomplish that! Don't sell this man short, he is brilliant. Nothing against educators, but I will take Governor Romney's real world experience over a guy that spent his life in academia and government...in fact, we already have a POTUS with that background.

"Like I said, this is over anyway. Time to support our next great Conservative President, Mitt Romney!" ~sj hUSAk At Large

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David Stewart said...

Anyone that should say that Mitt can not be President because he is a Mormon (nickname of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)need to be told then if that is the case then Harry Reid is should not be Speaker as he is a Mormon too.

Anonymous said...

All of this crap pis going to backfire on the Dems.