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Monday, April 16, 2012


By Matt Yutzy
 Mitt Romney Express
Is anyone else getting tired of the Ron Paul supporters shoving in your face, about the crowds that show up at RP events? I was watching a conversation between Romney and Paul supporters. When the following comment was made by a Romney supporter the Ron Paul people all shut up :). Feel free to pass this on, I removed the name of the person that commented in order ...to protect their privacy. ......

The average Paul supporter may be more excited about Paul than the average Romney supporter is about Romney, but there are obviously millions more "un-excited" Romney supporters than excited Paul supporters. If excitement was all that mattered Paul would be winning and be ahead by 630 delegates - he's not, so it must not matter that much after all. That's OK with me though. I'm a Romney supporter and I'm not much excited about him either - but keep in mind that I don't get excited about much of anything, especially people and politicians. People that get excited about other people scare me. People that get excited about politicians are usually naive or have a hidden personal agenda.

Gov. Mitt Romney / Rep. Ron Paul
 There's been a few CEO's and bosses that I've worked for that I liked, respected, and I thought they were brilliant people, but I was never "excited" about them. In the military I had the opportunity to meet the now retired General Peter Schoomaker - commander of the special forces with Joint Special Operations Command, former Army Chief of staff, and an absolute amazing man. I also served under his younger brother, the then Colonel Eric Schoomaker (now Lieutenant General and Surgeon General of the Army). The latter was one of the smartest most dedicated individuals I've ever met or worked for in my entire life, and would have marched into war with him in a heartbeat. But again, was never truly excited about him either. I don't put my excitement into many other people - with the exception of my wife and family.

President Barack Obama
Excitement scares me - people that get excited about other people (especially politicians) scare me even more as they tend to be blinded by ideology and don't think everything through. Millions were excited about Obama as well - enough said.

I'll admit that Romney is a boring, calculating man - hell, he's a stiff. That being said, the most effective people I've ever worked for or worked with were the same way. They were generally boring, but self-motivated, driven people - but they got stuff done and they didn't need the excitement and cheerleaders to give them pep talks, when things didn't go their way. I like boring - boring is good.

As to faith - I have faith in no man. If you have faith in any man (especially a politician), you are destined to suffer great disappointment. No matter who wins, we need to keep up the pressure on anyone and everyone that gets elected or we are doomed as a country.


Doug Foote said...

Well said. I have found that the most successul amongst us are not the loud and obnoxious ones.

Andrew said...

Excitement may not fix America but serious financial reform and restoring the personal liberties we are currently losing left and right may indeed fix America. And there is only one candidate offering that currently. Ron Paul.

Everyone knows that if you don't live within your financial means you will end in financial ruin. If you are middle income, you don't go out and buy a new $100,000 luxury car. And if you do, you have to make cuts elsewhere. Why is government any different?

It may be nice to be fighting two wars, have bases in countries that don't even want us there, give foreign aid to countries around the world while people are unemployed at home, and fight a war on drugs that contributes to the worst prison state in the world while not making us any safer but... and here is the key... it is making us broke!

If Romney promises to fight for our liberties [1], cut real spending not just spending increases, let states decide drug policy [2], promise to lets states decide on health care [3], and ended the Fed's control over our dollar then he might get our vote.

It's time for Romney to promise real change and fight for our liberties or step aside and let the only candidate who will -- Ron Paul -- show Obama what freedom means.

[1] Repeal the Patriot Act and the NDAA and keep government out of our lives
[2] Stop wasting our tax payer dollars arresting people in states like California for obeying state laws and aren't engaging in interstate trade. End federal prohibition and stop spending our dollars on it.
[3] No Obama/Romney care

John Morris said...

"The latter was one of the smartest most dedicated individuals I've ever met or worked for in my entire life, and would have marched into war with him in a heartbeat..."

Sorry, but that's getting excited about another person no matter how you try to twist. So, you scare yourself?

"Millions were excited about Obama as well - enough said."

That's a false analogy. You can read about it here: http://changingminds.org/disciplines/argument/fallacies/false_analogy.htm

I'm sure if everybody was excited about Romney, you wouldn't be pointing to "excitement" as something "dangerous"... you'd probably be spouting off about how excited everybody was about Romney. So, stop pretending.

As for being politically blind... I tend to think people who don't apply the same standard to their candidate as they do other candidates are the blind ones.

About the only thing you said that makes any sense is the last line:

"No matter who wins, we need to keep up the pressure on anyone and everyone that gets elected or we are doomed as a country."

And, believe me, if Paul flipped on his campaign rhetoric (doubtful) if elected, like Obama and Romney have... Paul supporters would be the first to let him have it.

Maybe, that's why Paul supporters do get excited... because Paul gives them reason to believe (i.e. his voting record) that he won't immediately flip once he's elected. And, maybe that's why Romney supporters don't get excited... because... well you already know don't you?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Awesome ! I can't wait until Romney is our President , he's the only true businessman . Ron Paul and obummer have never ran a business and they're both career politician. Ron Paul supporters would drink poisoned koolaide if DR Paul told them too.

Anonymous said...

Romney is an empty suit that has no morals or principals, just google him and you will find him on both sides of most issues, except NDAA, he is still on the wrong side of that.

Anonymous said...

You do know that Ron Paul owned and ran multiple businesses, including a medical practice, right? Another uninformed voter... bet you didn't know Romney was a draft dodger either.

John Candy's Ghost said...


Ted said...

I would follow Mr. Romney with just as much excitement if he had Dr. Paul's knowledge of the Constitution and record of keeping his oath to protect it, and if Paul were as inconsistent as Mr. Romney. Unfortunately, Romney's only surviving because of outspending his opponents. How many more dollars does Romney spend per vote? People like Dr. Paul because he has stood for our constitutional heritage. That Dr. Paul has warned us against many of the economic problems we now face is a plus. That Dr. Paul supports a stable and consistent foreign policy is another plus. That he's not deceived by crazy cult teaching is another plus. That Dr. Paul didn't support any of those fraudulent bailouts for banks that now fund Mr. Romney's campaign is just one testimony to his character.

My great great great great great grandfather came to this land for freedom and to escape persecution. He and his contemporaries worked to create a heritage for us where we could keep our freedoms, if we only protect the laws that give it to us.

It's about our heritage in the Constitution. The president's job is to protect and defend it above all else. That guarantees our freedom, yet it is being undermined.

Read Machiavelli's instruction to princes on how to spread tyranny. Obama, Hitler, and Romney seem to have all read it. Now it's your turn.

And if you've only been reading media favorable to the establishment, look up NDAA Section 1021, Patriot Act, Trespass Bill, HR 645, Cybersecurity Act, SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, HR 1981, CAPTA, etc to see what we're up against.

We want someone different from Obama on all these issues to roll them back and restore our freedom. If you realized what is being done to this country that was the most free, and no longer is, you would feel somebody should do something about it. And then please remember that you are somebody.

Anonymous said...

Are you getting tired of media shoving Romney in your face after a year of nonstop (even when other candidates were ahead) propaganda for Romney despite all his failings and the resistance of America to accept him, the carbon-copy of Obama?

Anonymous said...

Wow Dr Paul ran a business ???!!! He delivered babies. Woopppy doopy doo . He also was the owner of racist anti Jew newsletters !

Anonymous said...

"Wow Dr Paul ran a business ???!!! He delivered babies. Woopppy doopy doo . He also was the owner of racist anti Jew newsletters !"

This person who left this childish, ridiculous pathetic uneducated comment is the type of people voting for Romney and exactly why they cannot understand us and Ron Paul! Look at this garbage I would be so embarrassed to leave a comment like this. Get out of the way fool we will get our country back without you sheepboy.

Anonymous said...

Get out of the way ??? Well Romney is winning , Paul isn't. Paulbots are delusional.

Anonymous said...

Romney isn't winning, he has stole the election with his money not to mention Bain Capital owns all the big media outlets who have marginalized the good Dr. If you cannot see any of the fraud and the corruption and the lies and manipulation then if you can't see the millions Romney is spending just to get all this to happen and still barely get 25% of the vote, I think it is you and your Romneybots who are delusional. Oh and by the way you will not win without us. (and we are winning the delegate game sheepboy so don't get to "excited' for your puppetmaster.

Anonymous said...

Romney supporters are the delusional sheep the have spirals in their eyes from the media. Romney=Mormon=underground racist. They say they are not like always. Ask if one will date a black Guy.
Sincerely a slc, UT brewed non practicing Mormon.
Romney is for money, Paul is for the people