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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Santorum's War on the Media

By Christopher Mason
Newt Gingrich instantly became a front runner when he attacked the media. To his credit, it was a very successful move. Now it appears that Santorum is attempting to attack the media, only, I don't think he realizes he's attacking the wrong one.

It started a few months ago when Drudge Report pulled up a speech about Santorum to a religious group back in 2008 talking about Good and Evil. Santorum criticized Drudge Report for doing such. Now this isn't a matter of whether or not they support Mitt Romney or whether they don't approve of Santorum, it's about doing what's right.

At the moment we have FOUR candidates running for the nomination of the Republican Party. One of which you can disqualify immediately because as much as Ron Paul has some good policies, he doesn't have a chance. Now we move onto Newt Gingrich, you'd have to be bat shit crazy to vote for him. The next candidate is Santorum who, he and Gingrich refuse to pull out of the election. It is hard to believe that Santorum doesn't seem to understand why lead Republicans and Republican oriented media may be being harsh on him. Both he and Gingrich should have been out of the race after Super Tuesday.

Santorum has in recent days attacked Drudge Report, criticizing them for their Pro-Romney support. He also at a recent stop had some words to say to the people in the hometown of Fox News' Greta Van Susteren.

Why he would attack Greta is beyond me, she's the only person in the Media who still treats him like he's a SOMEBODY. This is getting ridiculous... 
It's not going to work Mr. Santorum... You don't attack the media for informing Americans on your failed attempt at running for President. Sorry!

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