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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
  WARNING: On This Tuesday August 21, 2012 Russia And China Have Issued The Following Warning To The Western Nations (That Means The United States Of America, Either Under Her Own Flag Or Together With, And Leading The United Nation’s Western Countries, As Her Allies): “DO NOT TAKE ANY MILITARY ACTION IN THE COUNTRY OF SYRIA“. 

This Warning Comes After Yesterday‘s Comments Made During The White House Press Conference, Where Mr. Obama Stated, ”The U.S. Could Intervene In The (18)Eighteen Month “Civil War” IF The (Syrian) Government Forces Uses Chemical Weapons Against “Rebel” Fighters.”

The Syrian Allies, Russia And China Have Previously Vetoed (3)Three Separate United Nation’s (UN) Security Council Resolutions Which Were Backed By The “West” And Were Designed To Force The President Of Syria To Stop Using His Country’s Military Defense Forces Against Those He Classified As “Rebel Fighters”, Because It Was Proven That The Syrian Military Wasn’t
 Just “Defending Against” Those Classified As “Rebel Fighters” But Was In Fact, Perpetrating Violent Massacre’s Of Syrian Civilians Which Had No Apparent Or Obvious Ties To Any “Rebel Fighters” And The Syrian Military Has Been Responsible Now, For An Estimated Twenty Thousand Deaths Of Syrian Citizens.

So How Did Syria React After Hearing This Warning To Us, From Russia And China? It Clearly Has Only Emboldened Their Leaders To Continue As They Sole Desire. As Proven By Their Own Mr. Qadri Jamil, The Syrian Deputy Prime Minister When He Came Out Today And Issued His Own Warning To America And Western Countries As Well As, Simultaneously Crushing Any Hope That Any Syrian Civilians May Have Had Of Salvation From The West, When He Stated, “Direct Military Intervention In Syria Is Impossible, Because Whoever Thinks About It, Apparently Is Heading Towards A Confrontation Wider That Just Within Syria‘s Borders.“

Thus, As Feared When Many Voiced Their Concerns Of A Weak Obama Administration Causing The United States To Appear Weak Around The World, Has Now Been Proven True On The World Stage.

But Wait, Today The White House Again Responded With….. Cricket’s Chirping…

Maybe Mr. Obama Only Takes This As Serious As He Does The United States Navy Seals…

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