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Thursday, August 16, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
Dear Sir,

I Am A Seven Year Old Boy And I Alone, Am Writing This Letter Unto You, 

I’m Sorry That I Couldn’t Call You Direct But You Were Never In Your Office, When I Use To Try To Connect And I’m Pretty Sure Now, I Would Never Ever Be Able, To Get Through.

You Probably Wouldn’t Have Heard Me Over My Mama’s Crying And Screaming In My Ears. My Daddy Use To Try To Call You Too, For Several Months, But He’s No Longer Here.

Mama Said Only If You Would Have Listened, Maybe My Daddy, Wouldn’t Of Had, To Disappear.

I’m Not Writing You Now Because I’m Angry But More Rather, Because I’m Sad, You Of All People, Should Know What It Feels Like, To Lose Your Dad. 

When I Heard You On The News Today, That You Were Out Playing A Round Of Golf Or Something And Then Off To A State Fair, Well I‘m Not Sure What That Is, But It Must Be Like Your Job Or Something, Cause They Say, That It Keeps You Really, Really Busy Always, Way Over There. 

Then I Heard You Had A Beer Or Something And Then Spoke To Some People About Someone And, You Said He Was Really Bad, Like Some Kind Of A Criminal, A Felon I Think, Or Maybe Even A Killer, But You Said He Didn’t Care About His Fellow Man.

After That I Must Of Lost My Signal Because All I Could See Was This Really Bright Glare. 
I Don’t Even Know Where The Sound Went, All I Know Is, That You Were No Longer There.

That’s Why I Am Writing This Letter To You, To Ask You For A Little Helping Hand. . 

No Sir, I Don’t Want Any Money, Because Your Money Can’t Help Me Out. 
And Sir I Don’t Need You Health Plan, That’s Not What I’m Writing To You About.
Sir, I Don’t Need Or Want Your Religious Prayer’s Or Your Thoughts, To Help Me Some How.

I’m Asking For The Goodness Of Your Heart, To Be Greater Than Your Sole Desire, Please For Mercy’s Sake. 

I Need You To See Way Past Something Far Greater Than Yourself, Beyond Your Visions Of Ruling The Perfect Place.

My Daddy Always Told Me, That GOD The Creator Has Already Created The Perfect World And All HIS Fold With Only HIS WORD, And Then With A Single Look, From HIS Perfect Face. 

My Daddy Told Me, This World Can Never Be Made Corrupt, Except Only By A Man.

That’s Why, My Daddy Said, GOD’S Fold, Are The Caretakers, Of Every Single Person, On Every Little Inch, On All Of GOD’S Land.

So Sir, I Just Wanted To Ask You, If You’re Not Too Tired After This Election That You Run, 
If You Could Send Someone To My House To Help My Mother, And Yes Sir, He Might Need To Bring A Gun.

See Sir, We’re In Syria, Where All The Bombs, They Always Fall, They Blow Off All Our Roof Tops, Heck, They Even Knock Down, All Our Walls.

Well, They Made It To Our Town Again, We Really Thought Somebody Would Come And Help Us Out, Some How.

I Heard You Say, Who Might Be The Good Side Or Who Is The Bad, That Don’t Mater To Us, Right Now.

I Know You’re Really Busy And I Don’t Mean To Keep You Very Long, 

You Got That Campaign Thing To Do, So I Think Mama Can Keep On Hanging On, Like She Did Once Before.

But Please Don’t Wait Too Long Sir, My Mama’s Saying Even Right Now, Through Her Tears, That She Don’t Think She Can Take This Much, Any More

She Even Wished Her Life Was Over, And Asked GOD To Take Her, Because She Feels Her Life Is Simply Done.

You See Sir, Well When My Daddy Called Out Crying For Help And Nobody Didn’t Hear Him, Because Nobody, Didn’t Ever Come. 

Well Sir, I’m Writing To You Today Sir, Mr. President, Mr. Obama, Because I Beg You To Take The Time To Send Someone, To Help Save Mama, To Please Come To Comfort My Mom.

I Pray To GOD That This Time, Someone, Anyone, Somewhere And Somehow, Can Please Hear Me And Make The Time To Come.

Well, Because Sir, The Last Time We Tried To Reach Out And Asked For Your Help, And Nothing Didn’t Ever Get Done 

My Mama Was Really Sad, Cause That Day, We Lost My Dad, 

You See Sir, But Today, This Day, Well Sir, She Lost Her, One And Only Son…

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