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Friday, August 31, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
  If You Watched The Final Portion Of The Republican “GOP” National Convention Last Night, Then Perhaps You May Have Noticed A Stark But Interesting Difference Of The Coverage Following The Conclusion Of The Republican Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney’s Speech, When His Eminence, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop Of New York, Recited The Final Benediction.

The Difference Was, That, Upon The Commencement Of That Same, The FOX News Channel’s Coverage Went Completely Silent And You Could Hear The Crowd Noise Die Down As Well As The Balloon Popping Celebration Ceasing And Then, The Wonderful Silence And Respect Shared Among So Many.

Thus, Those Same Respectfully Allowed Every Word Spoken By The Archbishop To Be Heard, From The Beginning Through Unto The Conclusion Of The Benediction And To Be Shared With The Americans Who Were Not Actually Present And Standing There Among Them..

Therefore, Appropriately And Respectfully Allowing Any Of Those Americans Sitting At Home Or At A Family Or Friends House Or Even At Their Workplace Or Somewhere In Our Military, Stateside Or Abroad, The Same Opportunity To Partake In The Same Blessing Being Delivered And Requested From The CREATOR Of Whom, Greater Than A Majority Of Americans Believe In And Serve In Many Different Ways And Of Course, Allowing Any Of Those Same With Their American Guaranteed Freedom Of Religion, To Choose For Themselves If They Wanted To Listen And Share Or If They Did Not Want To Listen And Partake.

However, If You Would Have Been Tuned In To The CNN Live Coverage, You Would Have Only Heard The Commentary And Opinions Continue Over The Benediction, As It Was Dampened Into The Background.

Furthermore, You Wouldn’t Had Even Been Aware Of The Commencement Of The Same, If Not That Only After Partially Into The Benediction, The CNN Spokesperson Ms. Candy Crowley Stated, “This Is Mitt Romney Being Mitt Romney And They Are Down Here Praying And That’s Always My Cue To Send It Up Back To You, Wolf” And At That Point Wolf Blitzer Took Over And Continued With His Opinion And Then Spoke To And Sought Opinions From The Other Panelist In Their Booth, Without Any Further Acknowledgement Or Coverage Or Even Showing The Least Bit Of Respect For The Prayer / Blessing Being Spoken And Requested, Whatsoever.

Therefore, Not Only Did Their Viewing Audience Not Get To Hear Or See The Wonderful Silence And Respect Shared Among So Many, But Also Lost Out On An Obviously Needed, Possible Teaching Moment, For Themselves And Perhaps Even Some Of Their Viewership But Rather Far Worse, In Their Demonstrating Their Own Morals And Values Or Lack Thereof, In So Doing They Robbed Each And Every One Of Their Viewing Audience Of Their American Guaranteed Freedom Of Religion, To Choose For Their Own Self, If They Wanted To Listen And Share Or If They Did Not Want To Listen And Partake.

This Actually Not Only Makes A Strong Statement, It Also Explains A Lot. There Is No Wonder Why Even More And More People Continue To Lose Their Own Values And Their Moral Compass And Respect For Their Fellow Man, It Is Because Many, Have Already Lost That Very Same For GOD…

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