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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
On The FOX News Sunday Program On August 05, 2012 Mr. Chris Wallace Asked The Obama Campaign Chairman, Mr. David Axelrod About The Comment That The Senate Majority Leader, Mr. Harry Reid Made, First Stating That He Had A Source, An Investor In “Bain Capital” And Then He Changed It, To, He Has Not One But Two Sources From “Bain Capital” And Finally, He Just Stated That, “The Word Is Out, That The Reason Mitt Romney Will Not Turn Over His Tax Filings As The Democrat Party Desires, Is Because, He Has Not Paid Any Of His Taxes For The Last Ten Years”, Or Prior Twelve Years Depending On Which Version Mr. Reid Is Giving, And Then Mr. Reid Adds, ”Let Him Prove That He Has Paid Taxes Because He Hasn’t”. 

Mr. Axelrod Responded, “YES, He Agrees With Senator Reid In His Accusation Because Mitt Romney Refuses To Turn Over His Tax Returns For The Requested Previous Ten Years.”

Mr. Axelrod Added That Mr. Romney Had No Problem Turning Over (23)Twenty Three Years Of Tax Returns To Senator John McCain During His Bid For President, To Be Vetted As A Possible Candidate For The Position Of Vice President…

Even The Egotistical Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Told George Stephanopoulos That He Agreed With Senator Harry Reid’s Comments And Then Stated This About Mitt Romney… “He Has Released Only One Year. To The McCain Campaign, He Released (23)Twenty Three Years. And He's Telling The American People, I'm Not Going To Give You What I've Given John McCain's People In 2008“. 

When George Stephanopoulos Asked DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz If It Was Appropriate That Senator Reid Make Such An Accusation On The Senate Floor, She As Usual Dodged The Question But Then Added, “I Do Know That Mitt Romney Could Clear This Up In Ten Seconds By Releasing The (23)Twenty-Three Years Of Tax Returns That He Gave To John McCain When He Was Being Vetted For Vice President… Why Is He Refusing To Show The American People What He Was Willing To Show John McCain (23)Twenty-Three Years Of Information On?”

Furthermore, On Monday, Senator Harry Reid Got The Backing Of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Who Told The Left-Leaning Huffington Post That Reid Wasn’t Lying. The Senate Majority Leader, Pelosi Argued, “He Was Just Repeating An Allegation He Heard From Someone Else“. “Harry Reid Made A Statement That Is True,” Pelosi Said. “Somebody Told Him. It Is A Fact.”

CONSIDER THIS LOGIC: Harry Reid Makes His Unfounded Claim And Then David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz And Nancy Pelosi All Back Him Up In His Unfounded Claim That, “IT IS A FACT That Mitt Romney Has NOT Paid Any Taxes In The Last Ten Year…

HELLO… If It Is Known By The Democrat Party That Governor Mitts Romney Did Turn Over (23)Twenty Three Years Of Tax Returns To Senator John McCain In 2008. Thus, Those Returns Would Have Covered From 2007 Back To 1984 And Then They Know Without A Doubt, That Governor Romney Has Released His Tax Returns For 2010 And A Partial For 2011. So At What Time Exactly Are They All Claiming That He Did Not File Any Taxes ? He Clearly Has Filed Taxes Religiously Over The Past Few Decades So Their Argument Is Then, Well Even Though He Legally Filed His Tax Returns, He Legally Paid No Taxes. 

Where Is There A Single Tax Paying American That Believes That Governor Mitt Romney, Who Is Known To Had Made Millions Of Dollars In His Highly Successful Career, That Believes That He Has Been Able To Do So And Pay Zero Dollars And Zero Cents In Taxes To The Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) And Has Not Been Repeatedly Audited For Suspicion Of Tax Evasion, Which Is Essentially What Senator Reid Is Alleging?

If Is Far More Believable That It Is Senator Harry Reid And His Democrat Supporters Who Are Wholly And Deliberately Lying Through Their Teeth With This Feigned Allegation To Force Governor Mitt Romney To Do What They All So Desire, Give Them Something, Anything That They Can Turn In To Another Talking Point To Distract And Divert The Americans From Noticing The Systematic Destruction Of This Great Country Which Is Happening Right Before Our Eyes…

Lastly, The Argument That Governor Mitt Romney Couldn’t Even Be Approved For A Cabinet Position With His Releasing Just One Or Two Tax Returns, Is So Filled With Irony. 

Is It Not The Lawmakers Who Have Set The Requirements For Both Positions And Is It Not Those Same Lawmakers That Ensured That There Was No Such Requirement For Their Own Position ? 

Even More Ironic Is, If This Was A Requirement For Their Congressional Position, Since Only (17)Seventeen Out Of The 535 Members Of Both Houses Of Congress Agreed To, And Released Their Current Personal Tax Returns, Senators Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi And Debbie Wasserman Schultz Would Not Be In Office To Even Be Making These Phony Demands In Proxy For Mr. Obama‘s Campaign…

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