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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
If You Watched The First Night Of The Republican “GOP” National Convention Last Night, Then Perhaps You May Be Somewhat Perplexed As To Why, The Obama Campaign Is Describing The Same As “Angry And Full Of Insults”

This Statement Came Last Night; “I’m Kind Of Flabbergasted At The Whole Night. It Seemed, First And Foremost Like This Was A Very Angry Convention Tonight, Full Of Insults. This Is Not A Plan Uh, For Mitt Romney‘s, Or Mitt Romney’s Plan To Build The Middle Class.” -- Obama Top Campaign Advisor, Robert Gibbs (On “The Rachel Maddow Show“) 

In Addition, The MSNBC Channel Aired An Interestingly Edited Version Of The Opening Night Speeches, From Which They Had Completely Removed Any And All African American Guest Speakers That Were Speaking In Support Mitt Romney. 

Now Ask Yourself, Why Would They Want To Edit Out Someone Like Former Democrat Alabama Congressman, Artur Davis Who Only Recently Left The Democrat Party Calling It Too Far Left And Then Joined The Republican Party To Support Mitt Romney For President? Could It Be Perhaps Because Congressman Artur Davis Is The Very Same Man Who Believed So Much In Mr. Obama In The Beginning That He Seconded The Nomination For Mr. Obama To Become The Democrat Party Presidential Nominee In 2008 And Now He Doesn’t Believe In Him Anymore?

Perhaps, The Next Time MSNBC Wants To Utter The Word, “Racist” They Will Choke On Their Own Hypocrisy…

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