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Thursday, August 9, 2012

So Now Mr. Obama Is Upset.....

By Kenny Youngblood
So Now Mr. Obama Is Upset With, And Even “Lecturing” The Media Or News Networks Who Claim To Have Reporters From Opposing Positions On A Topic, By Complaining That Those Reporters Are Out For “False Balance”.

Okay, First Things First, We All Know That Mr. Obama Is Not Fussing Over His Grossly One Sided And Always Favorable Coverage That He Receives Through The Blissful Ignorance From The Mainstream News Organizations.

He Is Obviously Talking About The FOX News Channel Who Boasts And Attempts To Bring A “Fair And Balanced” Approach To The Reporting Of The News, Without An Attempt To Cause Their Coverage To Favor Or Oppose Any Particular Side. They Often Allow Analysts, Journalists And Other Professionals With Opposing Opinions To Voice Their Opinions And Supporting Evidence Of Those Same, To Demonstrate How Variable One’s Views Can Be And Then FOX News Concludes Their Presentation With The Challenge To Their Viewers, “We Report, You Decide”.

Mr. Obama Stated That He Is Upset With These Columnists, Journalists And Reporters Who Give Equal Weight To Both Sides Of An Argument, Because This Is A “False Balance”, He Adds, “Because Obviously One Side Is Factually Incorrect“. He Then Used Coverage Of The Health Care Reform Act And The Stimulus Package As A Couple Of His Examples Stating, “Because Those Media Reported Facts, Didn‘t Support My Position“.

I Could Completely Understand How This Could Drastically Confuse And Possibly Upset Mr. Obama In A Couple Of Different Ways.

The FOX News “Fair And Balanced” Approach Would First Grasp His Attention, Because This Is Probably The Only News Channel That He Hears That Isn’t Artificially Skewed And Obviously Under His Amorous Spell As The Proverbial Yes Men And Loyal Subjects, Whose Feigned Worship Only Serves To Continuously Inflate The Size Of His Ego.

Secondly, Mr. Obama Could Be Getting A Little Upset Because He, As Many Of His Minions Often Do, They Listen To The News Repot And Then They Listen To The Opinions, As If They Too Are The Actual News, When They Are Only A Single Person’s Opinion Of Which Everyone Has One And Believe Me, Most Are Not Worth Repeating, Much Less, Being Even Close To News Worthy.

In Conclusion, Surely Mr. Obama Is Familiar With The Term “The Equal Time Rule”, As Well As That Little Thing Proposed As “The Fairness Doctrine”, Which Historically And Even Presently Is Argued For And Desired By Mostly Democrats, To Be A More Fair And Balanced Way Of Presenting News And Political Opponent’s View Points.

After All, It Was Only In 2008 When The Then Illinois Democrat Senator Barack Obama, Who Was Campaigning For The Office Of President, In Response To Being Asked, What Is His Opinion Concerning “The Fairness Doctrine”, In Polished Political Verbiage Dodged The Question With This Reply, “I Consider This Debate To Be A Distraction From The Conversation We Should Be Having About Opening Up The Airwaves And Modern Communications To As Many Diverse Viewpoints As Possible.’

Therefore, His Complaining At The Present, Stands Consistently And Completely In Sync With The Typical Democrat And Liberal Train Of Thought. He Clearly Meant And Means, Only As Long As It Was And Is Favorable Unto Him And His Party And Their Position Alone…

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