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Monday, August 20, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood    
So What Is The Truth About Medicare? You Have Heard Completely Contradicting Claims Made By Either Political Party, So Therefore, Someone Must Not Be Telling You The Truth. 

How Do You Know Who Is Being Truthful On Such An Important Issue, Not Only To Our Current Seniors But Also To Each And Every Single Person Who Ever Plans On Someday Even Becoming A Senior.

We Must Listen To And / Or Read What The Actual Candidates Have Said And Are Actually Saying And We Must Try To Ignore Those Pesky Surrogates, Who Are Like Human Recordings, Of The Almost Childlike One-Liner Talking Points, Who Offer No Real Substance To The Conversation.

FIRST: Mr. Obama States That The “Romney / Ryan Plan” Completely Guts And Will End Medicare As We Know It And Will Leave Millions Of Seniors Without Health Care Coverage, Because “They” (Romney And Ryan) Are Taking 716 Billion Dollars Out Of The Medicare Program In Budget Cuts.

Mr. Obama’s Own Words Reek With Irony And Could Almost Be Considered Laughable If The Subject Wasn’t So Very Important To Our Loved Ones As Well As To Our Own Selves…

You May Ask, Why Are Mr. Obama’s Words So Ironic ? It Is Because That Same 716 Billion Dollars, That Mr Obama Is Accusing The “Romney / Ryan Plan” Of Cutting, Is Only Partially Accurate, So Therefore, Completely Mis-Representative Of The Actual Facts And The Whole Truth.

When Mr. Obama And The Democrat Controlled Senate And House Of Congress, Passed The “Obama Health Care Reform Act” Into Law, The 716 Billion Dollar Medicare Fund Cuts Were Written Within That Very Bill / Law, But Only Those Few Who Really Read It, Would Have Actually Known. 

It Was Only Due To The Continued Failure Of The Democrat Controlled Houses Of Congress To Fulfill Their Lawful Duty And Pass A Federal Budget, That Congressman Paul Ryan Of The House’s Minority, Republicans, Took The Initiative To Head Up A Committee To Fulfill This Duty And Submit Their Budget For Review And A Vote. 

Being Prudent In His Assumed Duties To Write And Submit A Budget, In The Lieu Of The Continued Absence Of Any Such Submission From The House Controlled Democrat Party, Mr. Ryan Applicably Took Into Consideration The Same Exact 716 Billion Dollar Budget Cuts, Contained In The “Obama Health Care Reform Act” Which Had Just Recently Been Signed Into Law, Even Though It Was Being Challenged In Court, There Were No Guarantees If The Law Would Be Struck Down Or Be Upheld And Mr. Ryan Had To Responsibly Take Into Consideration, Only The Current Reality.

However, Mr. Obama Now Addresses This Same Fact, With His Argument, “Well He (Mr. Ryan) Didn’t Say He Would Put The 716 Billion Dollars Back Into The Medicare Fund.” To Which Any Real And Credible Journalist Would Have Respectfully Asked, “PUT BACK Which 716 Billion Dollars Sir, Yours Or His And How Was Congressman Ryan Supposed To Put Back In His Proposed Budget, What Your Law Had Already Cut From The Medicare Fund, When He Was Merely A Minority House Congressman? 

SECOND: Mr. Romney Has Stated Repeatedly, When Someone Asks Him Directly About That 
Which Mr. Obama Continuously And Purposely Refers To As, “The Romney / Ryan Plan”, That The Facts Of Which Were Responsibly Taken Into Consideration At The Time Congressman Paul Ryan Drafted The Budget, That He Submitted For Approval, Simply Will Not Be The Same Facts That The Romney Budget Will Be Dealing With, In Its’ Structuring. 

Mitt Romney Continues, Because As President, He Plans On Immediately Repealing The “Obama Health Care Reform Act” Which Had Been Signed Into Law And Returning That 716 Billion Dollar Medicare Program Budget Cut, That Has Already Been Taken Out By Mr, Obama, Unto The Medicare Program And The Romney Budget Will Take That Fact Into Consideration. 

Therefore, For All Of Those Who Are Still Reporting That Mitt Romney Is Implementing The “Congressman Ryan Budget Plan” As Is, They Are Simply, Either Ignorantly Or Intentionally Trying To Mislead You And / Or Scare You, Into Trusting Mr. Obama

THIRD: The Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Office Of The Actuary On May 18th, 2012 Stated That, Under The Plan Of The Affordable Health Care Act Which Has Cut From The Funds Of Medicare 716 Billion Dollars Declared As “Savings” But These “Savings” Are Actually “Medicare Cuts To Providers That Will Actually Leave 15% Of Those Medicare Providers Completely Unprofitable By 2019 And Will Actually Leave 25% Of Those Medicare Providers Completely Unprofitable By 2030.”

The Medicare Office Of Actuary Concludes, “In Practice, Medicare Providers Could Not Sustain Continuing NEGATIVE Margins And Absent Legislative Changes, Would Have To WITHDRAW From Providing Services To Medicare Beneficiaries, Merge With Other Provider Groups, Or SHIFT SUBSTANTIAL Portions Of Medicare COSTS To Their NON-MEDICARE PAYERS.“ 

What This Means Obviously Is, That While Many More Seniors Will Become Eligible For Medicare, The Medicare Health Care Providers Will Be Becoming Fewer And Fewer BECAUSE Of These Cuts, Leaving Many Seniors Without Medicare Health Care Providers…

Therefore, This Report Directly From Medicare And Not From Either Campaign, Is Saying That As It Is Right Now Under Mr. Obama, Millions Of Medicare Patients, WILL LOSE ACCESS TO MEDICARE.

FOURTH: So When Confronted With This Independent Report, What Is The Obama Campaign Response To This Same, That Directly Contradicts Their Continued Claims, That Mr. Obama Not Only Did Not “Shore Up” The Medicare Program And Extend Its’ Viability, But In Fact, As The Mitt Romney And Paul Ryan Campaign Has Been Stating All Along, Mr. Obama DID Take 716 Billion Dollars From The Current Medicare Program?

On Sunday August 19, 2012 On The “FOX News Sunday, With Chris Wallace“ Program, Mr. Robert Gibbs, The Obama Campaign Senior Adviser Stated, Well This Is Only “IF THEY (The Hospital And Medicare Health Care Providers) CONTINUE DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING, Which Is Inefficient.” 

In Further Explanation Mr. Gibbs Stated, “Under The Old Program, If A Senior Got Re-Admitted Over And Over And Over To The Hospital For The Same Illness, They (The Hospital And Medicare Health Care Providers) Got Paid Every Single Time That Senior Got Admitted Into The Hospital“. 

((( In An Attempt To Explain How The “Savings” Are Achieved, From Which Mr. Obama Has Estimated The Amount Which Then Could Be Offset (Raided) From The Actual Medicare Fund (Actual Money In Trust), Which Had Already Been Paid Into That Fund By Those Seniors Currently Using It, As Well As By Those Expecting To Have It Available For Them In Their Future. You Know, That Same Actual Money That Mr. Obama Is Claiming His Opponents Are Being Deceptive About, Because He (Mr. Obama With All Of His Business Intelligence And Background) Truly Believes, It Should Not Be Described As, Or Counted As, An Actual CUT To The Medicare Program ))) 

Mr. Gibbs Continues, “So Why NOT Strengthen The Benefit By Adding “Preventive Health Care” To It And Trying To Insure That This Patient Gets “ACCOUNTABLE CARE” And TREATED Before They Get That Sick Anyway.” 

That’s Right Ladies And Gentlemen, There You Have It, The Great “Obama 716 Billion Dollar Medicare Savings Plan” Which He Believes Justifies And Allows Him To Purloin Three Quarters Of A Trillion Of The Tax Payer’s Dollars, Promised To Be Held In Trust, Specifically For Them… 

Definition Of: “Accountable Care” - Government Dictates That Your Doctors Get You Well On Your First And Only Visit For The Same Illness, Because No Additional Visits Will Be Covered And/Or Paid For, Under The “New Medicare” Program. 

Definition Of: “Preventative Care” - Encourage All Medicare Recipients To NOT Get Sick In The First Place. Possibly Even Inoculate Them For All Existing Diseases That Currently Effect Seniors; Stroke, Heart Attack, Cancer, Alzheimer, Etc., And Last But Not The Least, Mail Out A Pamphlet Authored By Mrs. Obama About The Importance Of A Proper Diet And Exercise… Because We Believe That You Can Teach Old Dogs, New Tricks…

IN CONCLUSION: Consider This Closely… How Is One And His Party Who Are So Dead Set Against Any Negotiation Of Benefit Reductions For Their Union Friends, But Yet, So Open To Cutting The Legs Of Stability Right Out From Under The Public’s Medicare Program ?

How Is It That When We All Pay Our Federal Taxes And We Can Plainly See That Our Earned Money Is Being Withheld Into Two Distinct Columns On Our Pay-Checks, With One Going Unto The Government To Hold In Trust For Us And Our Retirement Benefits (Social Security And Medicare) And The Other Going Unto The Government To Be Used For Our Country And To Help Anyone Else In Need Of Help, But Yet One Person Comes Along And Takes It Upon Themselves, To Take From Our Side Of The Column And Freely Give It To The Other Side Of The Column, Without Anyone Of Us Ever Even Having A Say So, In This Very Important Matter?

How Is It That While Mr. Obama Waves His Hand As He States That The “Romney / Ryan Plan” Completely Guts And Will End Medicare As We Know It, But Yet, No One Even Realized That His Other Hand, Has Already Accomplished That Exact Same Thing?

Oh Yeah, That’s Right, I Remember Now… Nobody Really Read Anything Before They Voted, Just As They Were Instructed By Mrs. Pelosi, “You Have To Pass The Bill To Find Out What Is In It“… 

Well Folks, Tah-Dah….

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