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Friday, August 10, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
“Negative Ads And Negative Attacks Spending All Of One’s Time Talking About His Opponent, Instead Of Talking About What He’s Going To Do Or What His Plan Is, Doesn’t Do A Single Thing To Help The American People, It‘s Politics As A Game“. (July 31, 2008)
“We Don’t Need The Slash And Burn - Say Anything, Do Anything Politics That Divides And Distracts, That Tears Us Apart, Instead Of Brings Us Together“. (November 2, 2008)

“Because If You Don’t Have Any Fresh Ideas, You Use Stale Tactics To Scare Voters“. (August 28, 2008)
“That’s Why He’s Spending These Last Weeks Calling Me Every Name In The Book, Because That’s How You Play The Game In Washington”. (October 27, 2008)

“If You Don’t Have A Record To Run On, Then You Paint Your Opponent As Someone People Should Run From“. (August 28, 2008)

“If You Can’t Beat Your Opponents Ideas, You Distort Those Ideas And Maybe Make Some Up”. (October 27, 2008)

Each Of These Exact Quotes Came From The 2008 Candidate, Barack Obama’s Own Lips. You Must Ask Yourself… Was He Really Speaking About Politics As Usual In Washington, DC Or Was He Already Planning His Own Second Term Campaign Strategy ?

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