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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dishonorable Disclosure

                                         Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund

See more on The Blaze..................... http://www.theblaze.com/stories/new-video-shows-former-military-members-of-the-intel-community-uniting-to-stop-leaks/


Anonymous said...

Obama couldn't get top secret clearance to work in a CIA cafeteria, how did we allow him to get top secret clearance to run out country. To do what he did is a breach of his contract with each of us as American's when he took the oath.

Anonymous said...

So much for 'quiet professionals'. That discredits this video alone. Shameless shills make a misleading GOP propaganda video. PLAME affair.

Anonymous said...

What I see here is Treason by The Presidents administration!

Veteran said...

Keep in mind many of these men are retired, as noted in the video. They no longer serve anyone but the active duty men/women that are forced to not open their mouths, and many politicians take advantage of that. Calling it a GOP propaganda shows ignorance of how vital OPSEC is and how national security functions. PS - Senator Bob Kerrey (Navy SEALs, MOH awardee) is a Democrat

Anonymous said...

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