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Friday, August 3, 2012

I have been asked if I actually did vote for Obama in 2008. **** Here is the truth and nothing, but the truth

By OOPSIvoted4BO

  I admit, I was a bit fascinated with Obama when he first started campaigning. In fact, I actually considered voting for him. :( I have never been politically involved and I have to admit I was naive and politically UN-informed. One brief conversation with my father changed that. During a conversation I mentioned to my dad that I was considering voting for Obama. He told me straight up, that if I did, he would disown me. Would my loving father really have disowned me, NO!, my dad was just making a point regarding the importance of my vote.

I decided to research Obama, and low and behold, guess what, I couldn't find out a whole lot about him. Life got busy and the elections came and went. So for your question, Did I vote for Obama, NO, but I might as well have, because I didn't vote at all.

This election is crucial and as American voters we need to arm ourselves with knowledge to make an informed decision. You may think why should I vote? My 1 little vote isn't going to matter, however if everybody chooses not to vote thinking their vote won't matter it could very well cost Mitt Romney the election. Please do not write in a candidate or vote for a 3rd party candidate. These candidates do not have a chance at winning. A vote for a 3rd party candidate is a wasted vote, and if your not voting against Obama, you are voting for him.

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